Day One / Credits

The Pro Team

(In order of hire date)
Paul Mayne @paulmayne
Jason Webb @bigjasonwebb
BJ Homer @bjhomer
Dallas Petersen @dallaspetersen
Alan Wessman @alanwessman
Josh Orr @jorr39
Toby Youngberg @tyoungbe
Spencer Transier @spencertransier
Adam Daly @adamjohndaly
Murphy Randle @splodingsocks
Paul Dayton @pdayton
Brad Forsyth
Michelle Tessier @annemtessier
Kaleo Kim @kauakim

Special Thanks

Shelley Martin @shelmart
Bakari Chavanu @bakarichavanu
Ben Dolman @bdolman
Brett Terpstra @ttscoff
Shawn Blanc @shawnblanc

All our awesome beta testers!


Day One In Depth by Shawn Blanc and Others
A comprehensive guide to Day One, the best journaling app for iOS and Mac.

Starting from Day One by Bakari Chavanu
Using the Day One Journaling App to Record and Enrich Your Life.

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