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Day One Book: Two Months Later

The new way for Day One users to preserve their memories.

Nearly two months ago, we launched Day One Book as a new way to preserve the moments captured in Day One. Since then, our users have printed thousands of entries with Day One Book, and the response has been amazing.

@dayoneapp it finally arrived and I love it. And yes, this will inspire me… » Read More: Day One Book: Two Months Later

Day One Encryption Internal Beta

Last year we started work in earnest on end-to-end encryption. Since then we have dedicated significant resources to its design and implementation. It has been some time since the last published update and for that I apologize. However today we are pleased to announce that we have reached internal beta stage for encryption. To give some context for where this puts us in relation to a release, the typical… » Read More: Day One Encryption Internal Beta

Encryption Update

“Next to doing the right thing, the most important thing is to let people know you are doing the right thing.” —John D. Rockefeller

It’s been a couple of months since our previous encryption blog post, so we wanted to give you another update.


We’re making great progress. It takes time to do it right. We don’t have a release date to announce right now.


We’ve been sweating the details of… » Read More: Encryption Update

End-to-End Encryption for Day One Sync

From the time that we started designing end-to-end encryption for Day One Sync, we’ve planned to publish the technical details of our implementation. Recently, we were inspired by a similar disclosure by OmniFocus (see it here). Now, with our design reaching stability and implementation well underway, we’re ready to do the same.

We’ll start by explaining what we’re trying to accomplish with end-to-end encryption. Then we’ll briefly review the current… » Read More: End-to-End Encryption for Day One Sync

Day One + IFTTT

Day One adds an IFTTT Channel!

Connect here:
View all Day One’s IFTTT Recipes:

Animated image of all the IFTTT services with Day One

If you’re not familiar with IFTTT (If This Then That), it’s a free web-based service that allows users to create chains of simple conditional statements, called “recipes”, which are triggered based on changes to other web services. IFTTT is a… » Read More: Day One + IFTTT

Introducing Day One Sync

Day One Sync

The Bloom Built team is pleased to announce the public release of our official sync platform, Day One Sync. This free service joins Dropbox and iCloud as an option for syncing your Day One journal data.

Beyond syncing, Day One Sync is vital to the future of the Day One platform. It lays the foundation for numerous future features, including multiple journals, a web client, shared… » Read More: Introducing Day One Sync

Day One Update for iOS 8

With iOS 8, Apple is releasing numerous, significant changes to their mobile operating system. The latest version of Day One iOS supports the following new features:

  • Today Extension (Widget)—Get inspired with flashbacks of past entries.
    • Graphs of recent entry counts, daily word counts, photo counts
    • Photo from a year(s) ago on this day (+ random photos)
  • Share Extensions—Now you can easily

Day One iOS Update with Tumblr Support


We’ve just released the latest version of Day One iOS, 1.14.1. One feature not to miss—Publish now supports sharing entries on Tumblr. » Read More: Day One iOS Update with Tumblr Support

Day One Mac 1.9.4 now available

Mac App Store

– Greatly improved search for multi-byte characters (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Emoji, etc.).
– Tags are now included in Momento text entry imports.
– Most recent entry location is shown by default in Map view.

– Header styles are more consistent between Mac and iOS.
– Markdown footnotes link properly.
– Day One icon no longer appears in Mac OS X Mission Control when Main Window is… » Read More: Day One Mac 1.9.4 now available

Day One Mac 1.9.3 now available

Mac App Store

Numerous performance improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • Improved timeline performance with smoother scrolling and better CPU usage.
  • Changed the Main Window behavior so it doesn’t automatically open when Day One is made active (e.g., when using Spaces or when another app quits).
  • Improved Menu Bar entry design.
  • Backup folder is not moved when upgrading from version 1.5.5 or earlier.
  • Increased default number of backups.
  • Improved performance and reliability of

Day One Mac 1.9.1 now available

Mac App Store

Lots of great improvements and enhancements in this release. Thank you for the overwhelmingly positive feedback for Day One, it keeps us fired up to continue improving.

Mac App Screens


  • Menu Bar entries now include location and weather
  • Star Toggle added to Day and Timeline View
  • Step count and motion activity icons displayed with entries
  • Drag Photos out of entries and have entry date as filename
  • Double-clicking dots in Maps

Newsletter #3: iOS 7 Update


Day One iOS 7 Redesign

We are happy to release a great update to Day One for iPhone and iPad version 1.12, a complete redesign to match the new style and feel of Apple’s beautiful iOS 7.

Since its launch in Spring 2011, distraction-free journaling has been a guiding principle in Day One’s user interface. With Apple’s release of iOS 7, Day One’s writing experience is even more refined with redesigned icons… » Read More: Day One iOS 7 Redesign


Today we are very proud to release an big update for Day One on Mac OS X. Taking advantage of the new Mapping features of Mavericks, we’ve added some incredible new ways to rediscover your history. Enjoy! » Read More: Maps

Promo Video

Super excited to share this promo video created by Adam Lisagor and Sandwich Video.

One of my favorite videos I’ve ever gotten to make, starring five of my brilliant, beautiful friends, for @dayoneapp.

— Adam Lisagor (@lonelysandwich) September 23, 2013

1.7.3 Mac Update

We’re happy to announce that Tags are now supported in the Day One Mac app version 1.7.3.

This is a minor improvement as we’re working hard on a major update for Day One Mac with many fantastic upgrades and features.

The next update will include PDF Exporting, Printing, Location and Weather for Mac.

Enjoy tagging your entries and keep writing!… » Read More: 1.7.3 Mac Update

iOS Update 1.10: PDF Export

We are happy to announce PDF Exporting, a great enhancement to your Day One journal. With the release of version 1.10 on iPhone and iPad, you now have the ability to export your entire journal, selected filtered entries or a single entry to a beautifully formatted PDF file.

Day One PDF Export

You can send the PDF directly to cloud services, email or even print directly to AirPrint… » Read More: iOS Update 1.10: PDF Export

Introducing Search and Tags on iPhone and iPad

Day One 1.9 is now available for download on the iPhone and iPad App Stores.

The new features in 1.9 are Search and Tags, two items that have been a long time coming. It wasn’t due to lack of users requesting these items, we’ve got a fair share of those, rather we felt that improving the core functionality of sync, stability and ease of input needed to be better established… » Read More: Introducing Search and Tags on iPhone and iPad

Day One 1.8.1 Update for iPhone and iPad

It’s been six weeks since the major update that added Photos, Locations and Weather, which have been very well received. Today we’ve released a minor update to address several nagging bugs and issues as well as a good handful of cool enhancements including auto embed support for Vimeo and YouTube videos.

Day One 1.8.1 Video Embed

This makes… » Read More: Day One 1.8.1 Update for iPhone and iPad

Day One Mac 1.7.1

We pushed a quick update on the Mac to resolve several unexpected issues with the Dropbox migration and Sandboxing.

Download Day One Mac 1.7.1

  • Temperature scale setting (defaults to Celsius outside of US)
  • Fixed Menu Bar app issues
  • Fixed multiple “Lost access” dialogs on 10.7.4
  • Fixed issues with custom Dropbox folders
  • Fixed issues with non-English Dropbox languages
  • Fixed bug with keyboard shortcut

Sorry if you were affected by any of these issues… » Read More: Day One Mac 1.7.1

Reviews from the New Updates

I’m happy to report the new update has been a success and users are happy to be adding photos and locations with weather to their entries now. There have been several reports of users going back into the past and adding several photos to previous entries. Myself included.

I’d like to share some of the excellent reviews and coverage of Day One in the media:

The Verge, Day One: journal app

Day One Update with Photos

Day One released major updates today for the journaling software applications on Mac and the iPhone / iPad universal application.

Day One Mac 1.7
Day One iOS (iPhone and iPad)


Day One Mac, iPhone and iPad apps now fully support adding a photo to an entry. On the iOS platform we have integrated with the Camera+ app for editing, cropping and styling the entry photos. Which can be applied when… » Read More: Day One Update with Photos

Day One 1.8 Sneak Peek

View: Full-screen with photo and location expanded.

The iOS app in in Beta right now while we complete the update to the Mac app. Both apps need to be released together, so we’re still a couple weeks away from release.

Day One 1.8 Sneak Peek

Quick Update

A quick update on how things are going for the next release. We’ve been working super hard to get photo support working, and syncing well with iCloud and Dropbox. It’s been a major undertaking to do it correctly, but we’re happy to report it’s working very well. I think you will really enjoy these new features.

In addition to Photos, the next update (version Day One 1.8 for Mac, iPhone and… » Read More: Quick Update

Day One 1.5

Version 1.5 for Mac and iPhone / iPad has been available for a couple weeks now and very well received. This update brings the Mac app and the iOS apps together on the same version number as they both add a major new feature, iCloud. 

Day One 1.5 Collage

iCloud becomes an alternative sync option to Dropbox. Since… » Read More: Day One 1.5

Mac version 1.2 Update

We’ve been working hard on version 1.2 for Mac and it’s looking to be available as a free update in the Mac App Store in July. This update includes a new Calendar View, Password, Export and several other great features. 

We are also planning to add support on all platforms for the new iCloud announced yesterday by Apple at WWDC. … » Read More: Mac version 1.2 Update

Day One 1.2 for Mac

Day One 1.2 for Mac is now available for Download Mac App Store link

I’m very happy to release this update that adds Password options to the Mac, which I know many of you have been waiting for. 

Day One Mac 1.2 Calendar

Release Notes:

  • Password Protection
  • Calendar View (with great hover previews)
  • OS X Lion Compatibility (Look at those scrollbars
  • Export

Day One 1.2 iOS Now Universal with iPad

Day One 1.2 (iOS universal with iPad) is now live on the iTunes App Store.