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A message to Day One users

Dear Day One User, 

Thank you for finding and purchasing Day One. This is a project I’ve been wanting to create for several years as I struggled to find an application that suited my needs in keeping a regular journal.

Things came together over the past 4 months in a special way that I was able to commit time, energy and money to the creation of this application for the Mac and… » Read More: A message to Day One users

Day One 1.0 Now Available on Mac and iPhone

Introducing a new journaling app built for the Mac desktop and available on the Mac App Store. It syncs via Dropbox to a simple iPhone companion app.

Day One Version 1.0 Graphics

Day One Version 1.0 Entry
Simple, plain-text entry.

Day One Version 1.0 MenuBar
Easily enter thoughts and ideas without losing focus or leaving what you are doing.

Day One Version 1.0 Reminders
Programmable… » Read More: Day One 1.0 Now Available on Mac and iPhone

Day One Icon Sketch

The final sketch for the new Day One desktop application icon.

dayone icon sketch