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Day One backs up my brain

I’ve been using Day One to write about stuff that I’m reading and watching, and it has been working really well. Before Day One, I kept a handwritten journal to record my thoughts and ideas related to TV shows, movies, and novels. Positive or negative reactions, why something does (or doesn’t) keep my interest.

Capturing Inspiration

Capturing Inspiration with Day One

Looking for the perfect app to capture musical ideas? Try Day One…

Fly Fishing Journal

Fly Fishing Journal

How I use @dayoneapp and @TextExpander to create a FlyFishing journal – a bit of fishy, geeky loveliness!

Movie Log

I post the movie name as the first line, my (optional) review and description of who I was with, then I give the movie a rating from 1-10 on its own line. If at a theater, I select the Foursquare Place, and I typically attach a photo. Tag the entry “Movie” and I have a great log of all the films I’ve watched. —Paul Mayne