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Evernote Food Replacement

Day One as an Evernote Food Replacement

Then I found Day One. Technically, I had looked at Day One before, but didn’t hang around. This time I approached it as an Evernote Food replacement, and was pleasantly surprised. It doesn’t interact with Evernote at all, and it only lets me save one photo per post, but it does let me tag a restaurant via Foursquare. It will also log the current weather conditions, step count, and a host of other things when I create a post. And when I’m done, I can choose to publish the entry and send it off to Tumblr, too. The apps aren’t free, but they aren’t that expensive, either.

How I Use Day One

How I Use Day One: The Daily Log and Weekly/Monthly Reviews

Sometime around the beginning of this year, I started adding some structure to those daily logs. I still do a quick list of what I do each day, but I now have several sections that I’ll fill in when appropriate. I’ve found this really helpful in prompting me to take a closer look at what I did with my day, in part because it’s forced me to think about how I’m spending my time, in a way that I wasn’t always thinking much about before.

Car Tracking

Car Tracking

I made it home in good time for my appointment and I owe the success of it to Day One. I’m sure ‘car tracking’ wasn’t high up on their list of customer pain points as they thrashed out ideas from their office in the Utah, but it sure saved the day for me.


Why I Love Day One

Why I Love Day One

[Day One does] perfectly [its] work, which is, to fix a given moment, an impression, an intuition, making possible to come back to it, anytime.

Track Everything

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location check-in

Rather than check in with the official Foursquare app, I use Day One to retain my own data in my journal, while still having the benefit of sharing public (or private) location / place checkins. I can even include a photo if I like. —Paul Mayne

food log

I don’t log every single meal I eat, but anything that’s out of the ordinary, new or at a restaurant, I typically compose a basic description, photo and tag with #breakfast #lunch or #dinner. This can be especially interesting and useful when revisiting a restaurant and trying to remember the last time you were there and what you liked / disliked. —Paul Mayne

Archiving Thoughts with Day One

Archiving Thoughts with Day One

In this little app, I’ve found a way to keep my memories alive, organized, and connected.