Day One App – the perfect creative thinking solution

Day One App – The Perfect Creative Thinking Solution

I am a big fan of using technology to plan, research, organise and write my fiction. I have little enough time to dedicate to writing (at least until I can maybe take it up full time). Anything which makes the process quicker, easier and helps channel my creative thinking has to be a good thing…. I cannot recommend Day One enough.

Research Journal

Dr. Naomi Nascimento, a computational linguist who holds a PhD in Linguistics and an MS in Physics, uses Day One as a research journal:

I used to keep [my research journal] in MS Word, but the file would get unwieldy, and trying to keep multiple copies of it was difficult. Now, I can write in my research journal wherever I am (on my iPhone), then flesh out my notes written on the run on my Mac. I even stopped in the middle of a jog in the park this week, pulled out my phone and added an entry about the research idea I had while running. I use it to keep notes of conversations with colleagues, experimental metadata, and use the camera to attach photos of white boards after a discussion, or import a figure I created or a figure from an article I’m reading.

Idea Log

This blog post, How to not get weighed down by ideas, talks about how we have limited space reserved for everything we do or think up or imagine. The solution is to get the ideas out of your head by writing them down. I use Day One to get any idea out of my head quickly, tagged with “Idea”. I review these often, expand upon the details, but my mind is not clouded with trying to keep up with a new idea. I know it’s stored for me and available when I’m ready to think deeper about it. It allows me to focus. —Paul Mayne

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Day One app on iOS and Android devices

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