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The Depression Hacker’s Toolbox: Day One Journal App

Day One is my journal of choice. It’s a real functional app that, with some effort, can become a tool in your toolbox against depression. The ease of use and beautiful design make it a joy to journal with, and it made sticking to my journaling habit so much easier.

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Quick Logging Input/Output

Quick Logging Input/Output

Day One user, Roberto Mateu, shares how he uses Day One to log his daily productivity.

Before long you may start to notice some patterns, or even better: you will start to competing with yourself and work towards not breaking the productivity chain.

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Morning Pages

Dumping Ground

Helpful Apps to Make You a More Mindful Entrepreneur

Day One Journal for me has basically become a free-form dumping ground for whatever thoughts and emotions have been welling-up in my body and mind throughout the day. I’m finding the exercise of journaling to be a fantastic pressure release valve to push toward the end of each day.

Work-Life Balance

Is It Possible To Have It All? 5 Powerful Techniques I’ve found to Achieve Work-Life Balance (and the tools I use to do it)

It took me a while to figure out how to do this, but once I did it was game-changing. Self awareness can only really come through repeated activity and – more importantly – reflection. Looking back and looking inward forges a better path going forward…. That’s why I keep a daily journal.

Journaling Makes Better Leaders

Why Journaling Makes Better Leaders

I found journaling helped improve my leadership in the following ways: better organization, improved decision making, improved demeanor, attitude and judgment, enhanced intention, and positive reinforcement.

Reflective Teaching

Using Dayone in Reflective Teaching

I find tremendous value in having teaching being a constant cycle of improvement and improvement. One great way of doing so is through journaling.

Track and Set Goals

Three Photo Apps that Will Make Your New Year Outstanding

This personal micro-blogging platform is a perfect way to start tracking the things you’ve done this year, and is great for when you decide to look back and see the amazing things you’ve done!