Day One / Uses

Social Media Replacement

no social

twitter replacement

twitter replacement

No Facebook.

Facebook Replacement

Twitter Replacement

location check-in

Rather than check in with the official Foursquare app, I use Day One to retain my own data in my journal, while still having the benefit of sharing public (or private) location / place checkins. I can even include a photo if I like. —Paul Mayne

vent frustrations

Tweeting to Myself

Tweeting to Myself

The bigger reason I think I’m so into Day One is that tweeting has trained me to live not only performatively, but with a critical, reflective eye. So many of my “Ooh, I should tweet that!” moments I don’t actually tweet, either because I don’t think my audience would be interested, or because they just plain aren’t appropriate for Twitter (or anyplace else outside my own brain, for that matter). But with an outlet for them, those thoughts are captured.