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Using Day One as a Writing Database

Using Day One as a Writing Database

I realized Day One could also make for an interesting writing database. It has powerful tagging and searching, and the map and calendar interfaces allow you to visualize your writing habits.

To Do List

Day One as a To Do List

I’ve started to use DayOne to hold my daily checklist of tasks that need to be completed.

How I Use Day One

How I Use Day One: The Daily Log and Weekly/Monthly Reviews

Sometime around the beginning of this year, I started adding some structure to those daily logs. I still do a quick list of what I do each day, but I now have several sections that I’ll fill in when appropriate. I’ve found this really helpful in prompting me to take a closer look at what I did with my day, in part because it’s forced me to think about how I’m spending my time, in a way that I wasn’t always thinking much about before.


Tag and Search

Feature-Filled Journaling App

Day One is the Beautiful, Rock-Solid, Feature-Filled Journaling App You Want

It’s hard to say enough good about Day One. It tugs me into journaling, and it makes me think and reflect.

Writing Prompts

30-Day Digital Journaling Challenge

Daily writing prompts and notices from Easy Journaling.

Journaling Routine

Creating a journaling routine

I’ve have since made several attempts at getting back into keeping a written journal. Each time, I had decided to try to find a way to do this digitally. I never really found a system for tracking my thoughts that I enjoyed as much as a written journal.

Review and Tips

Day One review with suggested uses

There really is only one option for digital journaling these days. Day One is not only the best journaling app, it’s one of the best apps on the iOS App Store period.

15 Inspiring Ways to Use the Day One App

15 Inspiring Ways to Use the Day One App

In the spirit of documenting my life, I downloaded the ‘Day One’ app to keep track of things like my daily habits, quotes I’ve read, even observations I have when people-watching on the London tube!

Why I Love Day One

Why I Love Day One

[Day One does] perfectly [its] work, which is, to fix a given moment, an impression, an intuition, making possible to come back to it, anytime.

Remembering and Reflecting

Remembering and Reflecting with Day One

My journaling habits have been transformed by this app, and I find myself both reflecting more often about my current state of mind and heart as well as capturing more of the moments (small and large) that I want to remember.

Publishing a Day One Journal as a Book

Publishing a Day One Journal as a Book

My wife and I keep a journal of notes about our twin girls in Day One. After a year of journaling, I wanted to print the entries in a physical book for my wife as a Christmas present. It was a process to get exactly what I wanted, and this post will serve as a guide to anyone that wants to do something similar.

Launch Center Pro & Day One

Launch Center Pro & Day One

Logging life with Day One.

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Day One Templates Using Launch Center Pro

Day One Templates Using Launch Center Pro

Day One is a great system for journaling and note-taking. One of things I use it for is to keep track of the different coffees I buy and brew. Since this is something I track regularly, I’ve developed a method to pre-populate a Day One entry with a standard structure for my coffee journal.

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GiftttDy – A Lifestream Journaling Add-On for Day One

GiftttDy – A Lifestream Journaling Add-On for Day One

One day, while enjoying the convenience of updating my journal from my iPhone, I thought, why not track my tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram photos, etc. I know I can go to each social network site separately, but I really like having it in my journal. It adds to the collection of thoughts and memories I save there. So, I went about learning how to mess with AppleScript and IFTTT to create a way to capture from a wide variety of sites and services into Day One.

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Search and Tags

My Journaling System

Once I began journaling digitally I have never looked back. It adds so much to a journal. You can search across its vast contents in an instant. Plus there’s a very powerful way to index posts with tags. I can not overemphasize how tags revolutionized my capacity for capturing things.

How to Become More Consistent in Your Daily Journaling

How to Become More Consistent in Your Daily Journaling by Michael Hyatt

like most people, I struggled with consistency. I wanted to journal. I was convinced of the benefits. But I found myself blowing it off with increasing frequency…. Several months ago I stumbled onto something that solved the problem. Not one hundred percent of the time, but most of the time…. Use a journaling template.

See the template and system Michael Hyatt uses.

Learn more about Day One and Templates.

Christmas Lists

email composition

If I’m writing a significant email, I often feel like it’s a relevant part of my day, my life and what I’m doing. Therefore I want it stored in my journal to help tell the full story of my life without the need to filter through a massive archive of my Gmail Archive. I also prefer to compose in Day One and using Markdown, so this is a natural place for my writings. I also like the fact that I can start an email on one device and continue on another or on my desktop at any time, then send when its ready. —Paul Mayne

Idea Log

This blog post, How to not get weighed down by ideas, talks about how we have limited space reserved for everything we do or think up or imagine. The solution is to get the ideas out of your head by writing them down. I use Day One to get any idea out of my head quickly, tagged with “Idea”. I review these often, expand upon the details, but my mind is not clouded with trying to keep up with a new idea. I know it’s stored for me and available when I’m ready to think deeper about it. It allows me to focus. —Paul Mayne

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