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9 daily habits of successful mobile app entrepreneurs

9 daily habits of successful mobile app entrepreneurs

“The pages are meant for my eyes only and are rarely reread. Instead, I use journaling as a form of therapy and as a way for me to start each day with a clean slate. Beyond that, as a non-writer it’s been extremely useful to develop a habit of daily writing.” says Matt Kraft.

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four things a day

The Digital Organizing Toolbox

This app is so well designed and so FUN to use even if you only listed four things you did that day or threw an occasional picture into it with a two-sentence caption, it’d pay you back for the investment for years.

Reasons Startup Founders Should Keep a Daily Journal

Reasons Startup Founders Should Keep a Daily Journal

Start journaling to create and capture your own data now and you’ll soon have oodles of data about yourself as a startup founder for current future ventures.

Job Journal

Using Day One as a job journal

I’m enjoying what I’m doing with Day One in terms of job journaling, and as my work becomes increasingly more complex… it’s proven to be a useful tool… I’m using to keep work under control.

Professional Journal

Using Day One as a Professional Journal

What really made Day One work for me where other solutions failed is that it’s accessible anywhere I need it. I can create entries via keyboard shortcut or menu bar icon. This means when I grab a quick phone call, I can type a few keystrokes and and jot a note about the call.

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Try working 3 to 5

Try working 3 to 5

At the start of each day, I’ve been writing down three to five goals that I want to accomplish that day. I’m using Day One since it’s with me everywhere…

word processing

Since we added the printing / PDF support, I’ve been composing and producing all my regular formatted documents in Day One. I even produce all legal documents for new hires in Day One as I’ve found it to be the best editor for Markdown, my preferred format for writing and storing my documents.—Paul Mayne

business log

I log every phone call, meeting and major decision that’s made regarding my business (Day One) in Day One. This log has proven very useful to recall dates, times and the results of meetings.—Paul Mayne

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