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This is an ongoing archive of how people use Day One. We hope this will inspire you to think of new ways you can incorporate Day One into your workflow and daily routine.

Recent posts:

2015-7-26: Four Sentences a Day

Write one sentence about what you’re doing at that very moment. Do it four times a day. It’s amazing.

2015-7-20: Day One as Running Diary

There is a macro view of the thoughts I have while running and what the long-term effects it has on my health and demeanor that Day One allows me to track. No other tool comes close.

2015-7-19: Spiritual Discipline

Journaling is an underrated spiritual discipline. Great for remembering the faithfulness and goodness of God. Try the @dayoneapp!

2015-7-18: Documenting Graduate School

New project: writing daily @dayoneapp entries documenting graduate school life during the next four years in @gtcomputing at @GeorgiaTech.

2015-7-15: Examen Reflection

I use @dayoneapp for Examen reflection – I can integrate photos, reflections and even the weather. I highly recommend.

2015-7-9: Personal Journaling

I set Day One to remind me to journal every Friday night before bed. My goal is to write 1-2 sentences which I feel capture that week.

2015-7-1: Store Ideas

I keep my ideas on @dayoneapp. I love that I can tag and search them that way when looking for a new idea to write. :)

2015-6-5: Helpful Apps to Make You a More Mindful Entrepreneur

Day One Journal for me has basically become a free-form dumping ground for whatever thoughts and emotions have been welling-up in my body and mind throughout the day. I’m finding the exercise of journaling to be a fantastic pressure release valve to push toward the end of each day.

2015-5-11: Day One is the Beautiful, Rock-Solid, Feature-Filled Journaling App You Want

It’s hard to say enough good about Day One. It tugs me into journaling, and it makes me think and reflect.

2015-4-30: Is It Possible To Have It All? 5 Powerful Techniques I’ve found to Achieve Work-Life Balance (and the tools I use to do it)

It took me a while to figure out how to do this, but once I did it was game-changing. Self awareness can only really come through repeated activity and – more importantly – reflection. Looking back and looking inward forges a better path going forward…. That’s why I keep a daily journal.

2015-4-27: Tarot Journaling

A wee peek at my #Tarot Journal. Love @dayoneapp for this.

2015-3-27: Using Dayone in Reflective Teaching

I find tremendous value in having teaching being a constant cycle of improvement and improvement. One great way of doing so is through journaling.

2015-3-27: Why Journaling Makes Better Leaders

I found journaling helped improve my leadership in the following ways: better organization, improved decision making, improved demeanor, attitude and judgment, enhanced intention, and positive reinforcement.

2015-3-25: Day One Journaling Tutorial: It’s your own Life Story

Whether you are a parent, scrapbooker, and/or family historian, the Day One app is well worth the cost.

2015-3-24: Recording Cloud Patterns

I'm using it for journaling cloud types daily. The location mapping and date grouping comes in very handy.

2015-2-13: Day One: From “note to self” to web publishing

Day One’s use cases are virtually endless. You could collect inspirations, quotations, create a vacation, work, or work-out log. Or you could use it as a drafting tool for articles (as I do). Day One is so nicely crafted, that you will find a use for it, once you’ve opened it the first time.But there’s one function, that makes Day One outstanding. It’s called Publish.

2015-1-8: Three Photo Apps that Will Make Your New Year Outstanding

This personal micro-blogging platform is a perfect way to start tracking the things you’ve done this year, and is great for when you decide to look back and see the amazing things you’ve done!

2015-1-3: 17 Apps to Drive Your Goals and Your World with Ease

As a creator it’s important to keep your mind clear and tap into your intuition. Journaling really helps me do this. Every single day I journal for 10 minutes. I start out with the 3 things I am particularly grateful for that day then I just write whatever is on my mind. I don’t think. I don’t edit. I don’t process. I just write.

2014-12-17: Apps to Help You Rock Your New Year’s Resolutions

This app lets you record your progress each day so you can watch yourself set and meet goals.

2014-11-24: 30-Day Digital Journaling Challenge

Daily writing prompts and notices from Easy Journaling.

2014-11-21: Creating a journaling routine

I’ve have since made several attempts at getting back into keeping a written journal. Each time, I had decided to try to find a way to do this digitally. I never really found a system for tracking my thoughts that I enjoyed as much as a written journal.

2014-11-21: Using Day One app to Reduce Cortisol Levels

I’ve created another tag “Gratitude” which I use to identify my daily mindful posts where I aim to list at least 3 things that I’m thankful for.

2014-11-17: The Digital Organizing Toolbox

This app is so well designed and so FUN to use even if you only listed four things you did that day or threw an occasional picture into it with a two-sentence caption, it’d pay you back for the investment for years.

2014-10-31: Day One review with suggested uses

There really is only one option for digital journaling these days. Day One is not only the best journaling app, it’s one of the best apps on the iOS App Store period.

2014-10-25: Day One backs up my brain

I’ve been using Day One to write about stuff that I’m reading and watching, and it has been working really well. Before Day One, I kept a handwritten journal to record my thoughts and ideas related to TV shows, movies, and novels. Positive or negative reactions, why something does (or doesn’t) keep my interest.

2014-10-3: The timelessness of parenting

It’s parenting that has inspired me to start keeping a journal of the day’s activities, even if it is just on my phone using the Day One app. It feels odd to journal about the silly games I make up with my kids or about every trip to the park. But I do it because the trite advice new parents hear is, unfortunately, true. Things go by too fast.

2014-8-30: Reasons Startup Founders Should Keep a Daily Journal

Start journaling to create and capture your own data now and you’ll soon have oodles of data about yourself as a startup founder for current future ventures.

2014-8-28: Journaling and Day One

If you are struggling to work out what you will use Day One for, I guarantee you will find a reason.

2014-8-26: 15 Inspiring Ways to Use the Day One App

In the spirit of documenting my life, I downloaded the ‘Day One’ app to keep track of things like my daily habits, quotes I’ve read, even observations I have when people-watching on the London tube!

2014-8-24: Why I Love Day One

[Day One does] perfectly [its] work, which is, to fix a given moment, an impression, an intuition, making possible to come back to it, anytime.

2014-8-5: Day One and My Daughter

While we keep our journaling endeavors personal and separate, it has given us another thing to talk about and do together. I always love when I hear the words, “Daddy, my iPad reminder just said to remember to write in my diary…let’s go.” That means it’s time to sit down and reflect, typically me at the iMac or my iPhone, her on the MacBook or iPad mini. It’s bonding in a different way than I ever thought we’d have. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

2014-8-1: 17 Best Travel Apps

Day One is especially great for travel journaling because it does little things that crippling jetlag might otherwise complicate.

2014-7-19: Small Moments: My path to daily journaling

A year ago I started a routine of writing down three positive things that happened every day. It didn’t matter how small they were, as long as I hit a minimum of three. A year and over a 1,000 moments later, I ventured to expanding this habit into a daily journal. This is where Day One comes in.

2014-6-25: Remembering and Reflecting with Day One

My journaling habits have been transformed by this app, and I find myself both reflecting more often about my current state of mind and heart as well as capturing more of the moments (small and large) that I want to remember.

2014-4-29: Day One as a prayer journal

Day One recently won various app awards for a reason. It is the best app for anyone who journals. It is especially useful for your quiet time with God. If you are not into journaling, consider using Day One for recording prayer requests.

2014-4-17: Using Day One as a job journal

I’m enjoying what I’m doing with Day One in terms of job journaling, and as my work becomes increasingly more complex… it’s proven to be a useful tool… I’m using to keep work under control.

2014-3-31: Capturing Inspiration with Day One

Looking for the perfect app to capture musical ideas? Try Day One…

2014-3-22: Publishing a Day One Journal as a Book

My wife and I keep a journal of notes about our twin girls in Day One. After a year of journaling, I wanted to print the entries in a physical book for my wife as a Christmas present. It was a process to get exactly what I wanted, and this post will serve as a guide to anyone that wants to do something similar.

2014-2-28: Launch Center Pro & Day One

Logging life with Day One.

2014-2-26: Day One Templates Using Launch Center Pro

Day One is a great system for journaling and note-taking. One of things I use it for is to keep track of the different coffees I buy and brew. Since this is something I track regularly, I’ve developed a method to pre-populate a Day One entry with a standard structure for my coffee journal.

GiftttDy – A Lifestream Journaling Add-On for Day One

One day, while enjoying the convenience of updating my journal from my iPhone, I thought, why not track my tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram photos, etc. I know I can go to each social network site separately, but I really like having it in my journal. It adds to the collection of thoughts and memories I save there. So, I went about learning how to mess with AppleScript and IFTTT to create a way to capture from a wide variety of sites and services into Day One.

From an enthusiastic Day One user who has found a great technique to involve his daughter in journalling:

i am writing a diary with my 5 year old daughter – we take photos and write up days out, trips to family, what’s going on at school etc. We write it from her point of view asking her questions about her day. Hopefully as she gets older she will really enjoy being able to look back.

Dr. Naomi Nascimento, a computational linguist who holds a PhD in Linguistics and an MS in Physics, uses Day One as a research journal:

I used to keep [my research journal] in MS Word, but the file would get unwieldy, and trying to keep multiple copies of it was difficult. Now, I can write in my research journal wherever I am (on my iPhone), then flesh out my notes written on the run on my Mac. I even stopped in the middle of a jog in the park this week, pulled out my phone and added an entry about the research idea I had while running. I use it to keep notes of conversations with colleagues, experimental metadata, and use the camera to attach photos of white boards after a discussion, or import a figure I created or a figure from an article I’m reading.

2013-11-07: My Journaling System by Resilient Joy

Once I began journaling digitally I have never looked back. It adds so much to a journal. You can search across its vast contents in an instant. Plus there’s a very powerful way to index posts with tags. I can not overemphasize how tags revolutionized my capacity for capturing things.

2013-3-17: Using Day One as a Professional Journal

What really made Day One work for me where other solutions failed is that it’s accessible anywhere I need it. I can create entries via keyboard shortcut or menu bar icon. This means when I grab a quick phone call, I can type a few keystrokes and and jot a note about the call.

2012-10-21: Keeping Honest Record Of Progress Against Your Goals With Day One

Now I can reflect on my progress against my 12 weeks goals every day by recording in Day One what I have done that day that contributes to them.

Uses I (@paulmayne) personally have for Day One:

Movie Log

Day One Tag: Movie I post the movie name as the first line, my (optional) review and description of who I was with, then I give the movie a rating from 1-10 on its own line. If at a theater, I select the Foursquare Place, and I typically attach a photo. Tag the entry “Movie” and I have a great log of all the films I’ve watched.

Food / Meal Log

I don’t log every single meal I eat, but anything that’s out of the ordinary, new or at a restaurant, I typically compose a basic description, photo and tag with #breakfast #lunch or #dinner. This can be especially interesting and useful when revisiting a restaurant and trying to remember the last time you were there and what you liked / disliked.

Travel Log

Day One Tag: TravelEach trip I take I tag all entries with a specific tag such as “Trip: Cancun 2013″ (we actually plan to add support for “Events” which will be special tags that can contain additional meta data such as a date range, location and more, but for now this solution works fine).

Word Processor

Since we added the printing / PDF support, I’ve been composing and producing all my regular formatted documents in Day One. I even produce all legal documents for new hires in Day One as I’ve found it to be the best editor for Markdown, my preferred format for writing and storing my documents.

Idea Log

This recent blog post, How to not get weighed down by ideas talks about how we have limited space reserved for everything we do or think up or imagine. The solution is to get the ideas out of your head by writing them down. I use Day One to get any idea out of my head quickly, tagged with “Idea”. I review these often, expand upon the details, but my mind is not clouded with trying to keep up with a new idea. I know it’s stored for me and available when I’m ready to think deeper about it. It allows me to focus.

Composing Email

If I’m writing a significant email, I often feel like it’s a relevant part of my day, my life and what I’m doing. Therefore I want it stored in my journal to help tell the full story of my life without the need to filter through a massive archive of my Gmail Archive. I also prefer to compose in Day One and using Markdown, so this is a natural place for my writings.
I also like the fact that I can start an email on one device and continue on another or on my desktop at any time, then send when its ready.

Location Log / Foursquare Check-in

Rather than check in with the official Foursquare app, I use Day One to retain my own data in my journal, while still having the benefit of sharing public (or private) location / place checkins. I can even include a photo if I like.

Work Journal

I log every phone call, meeting and major decision that’s made regarding my business (Day One) in Day One. This log has proven very useful to recall dates, times and the results of meetings.

Day One uses reported and blogged about by our users:

Fly Fishing Journal

How I use @dayoneapp and @TextExpander to create a FlyFishing journal – a bit of fishy, geeky loveliness!

Baby Book

The introduction of Printing / PDF has made this use case even more compelling.

So glad I stared using the @dayoneapp when Alwyn was born. Making #projectlife catch up much easier!


Photo Log / Instagram Replacement

For Everything

Kids and the whole family

My two older boys have iPod Touch devices and an iMac, and they enjoy logging significant events and happenings in their own Day One. And they love to show Dad. Often I will type for them as they tell me what to write.

Twitter Replacement

Morning / Daily Routine

Evaluation / Life Perspective

Entire Life History

Depression / Anxiety

From an anonymous user: I wanted to share with you how this app has actually makes a major difference in my health:

I have manic-depression/bipolar illness, and keeping a mood diary is very important for my treatment. If I can “check in” a few times a day, I have data for my psychiatrist and myself that can save me from a manic or depressive episode “sneaking up on me.” But carrying a paper notebook around is usually too much trouble and so I end up not recording information that would help my treatment. But I always have my phone with me, so it is effortless to capture this data, especially since I set up the reminder app on my phoe to beep at me and remind me to check in.

Journalling to Heal

“When you wake up … you write for 10 minutes, and you just go. Whatever is on your mind, your dreams, your anxieties for the day,” she said. “(Cameron) believes that what this does is free you up to do your writing.”

Medical / Medicine Tracking

Workouts / Dieting

Venting Frustrations

Private Projects

Prayer Journal

Various Blog posts and Tweets on Uses: