Day One / Episode 09 – Updates for 16 July 2018


  • Version 3.0 is currently being tested internally as a beta. This is the first time internal testers have had it on Test Flight and we are all checking out the new features:
    • Dark Mode. This will be a Premium-only feature. It is on iOS only right now. But since Apple announced dark mode support in Mojave, it is hopeful we will have it on Mac later this year.
    • Audio recording. We are very excited about this feature. You can record up to 10 minute clips. Playback available in the entry. Audio transcription is available for the first 1 minute and can be configured in the Settings. Users will be able to share audio files from other sources like the Voice Memos app.
    • New editor. Adam has been testing this out and it is great. You can still type many Markdown commands and they are converted realtime to the actual rich text. It will be more of a WYSIWYG editor that will appeal to our broad audience

Interview with Martin from Canada

Martin joins us on the episode and talks about his use of Day One. Generally he starts with a photo and then later fleshes out the entry when at home. At first he started with reminders to help him keep a habit but now it is second nature. He gave a great idea about keeping a gardening journal. When you create a new entry, the time, date, location, and weather is recorded and that is helpful when keeping track of growth, etc.

Tip of the week

Adam suggests using the 3D Touch or ForceTouch on iOS to access shortcuts for Day One. Try 3D Touch on the Day One icon on your home screen to access shortcuts right into the app.