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Publish enables you to post individual Day One entries to a beautiful webpage, then share them on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and Foursquare. Each entry retains social links and stats for future reference.

Publish Shares to Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare

Publish is currently available in the iPhone and iPad apps.

(To create an account, Open Settings and tap Day One Account.)
A usample view of the Publish webpage

Publish Features

Data Retention

Publish allows you to share and participate in multiple social networks, all the while keeping your source entry in a single location—your Day One journal. With this centralized, single source, you’re free to archive, print, and export your entries—even after you stop using a given social media service.

Unified Social Statistics

Publish iPhone Images displaying Share Stats
One of the biggest advantages of using Publish for sharing Day One photos and entries on social media sites is unified stats. Within published entries, you have a single, unified view of share statistics, such as likes, stars, retweets, and comment counts.
Publish iPhone Images displaying Web Stats


All entries can be edited and modified after they’ve been published. Feel free to fix typos, change location and date, and make other modifications to your entries.


By default, Published entries are hidden from search engines and visible only to you and people with whom you share Publish URLs. If you want to share your entry with more people, you can enable social services like Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare.
Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter iPhone App Share Samples


When you share an entry on Facebook, the original Day One entry date and time is retained in your Facebook Timeline. In addition to this historically-accurate timeline post, your entry is also shared in your News Feed.
Text-only entries are shared as Status Updates with a link to the Publish page included in the native Facebook share box.
(Note: In deference to user privacy, your public Facebook profile is not included amongst other social service profiles shown on Publish pages.)


Sharing to Foursquare requires that you include a location in your entry with a Foursquare Place selected.
Foursquare posts include a link to the Publish page and as much of your entry as is allowed within their 140-character limit. If your entry contains a photo, it will also be included in your check-in.


If you have enabled “Auto Bold First Line” in Day One iOS, this line will be tweeted, along with the URL to the Publish page.
Without a title, the tweet will use as many characters that will fit into the 140 limit, minus the URL (about 24 characters long).
A unified view of share stats on a Publish Page
We’ve also enabled Twitter Cards to show a nice preview of the Publish photo and content


Tumblr is the newest social service added to Day One. Check it out!

Updating Social Posts

Posts to all of the above social media sites can be updated if you manually remove the original post from the respective service, then re-share the entry with Publish.
A photo of a hand holding an iPhone displaying a Day One entry that has been published.

Detailed Information


Tags are included with published entries and are shown below the text as supplemental metadata.

Multiple Accounts

Publish supports adding multiple Twitter accounts. To add an additional Twitter account, open your Day One Account Information in Day One’s Settings, then tap Twitter under Linked Accounts.

Image and Video Embeds

At this time, published entries do not display inline embedded images or video, but do include links to these visual assets.

Mac App Support

Currently Day One Mac includes a Timeline filter for all Publish entries as well as a link in the entry metadata to the Publish Page. Look for additional improvements to Mac Publish functionality in the future.
Day One Mac screenshot showing Publish Controls


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