Journal for Your Kids

It’s the first time I’m keeping a journal for someone other than myself. Every other thing I write is for me, but what is going into Day One is for my Daughter. With Day One’s Reminder integration, I get an alert every day to add another entry. A subtle encouragement to do the right thing.

Day One is my time machine. I use it to write letters to my future daughter.[5] When she will be by age, my body will be almost 90. There’s little I can predict now about that future. I need to tell her about our family and what I was thinking while she was growing up. I try tell her about the moments that she will never remember. I hope I can explain who she is now. In these entries, I will travel to the future and explain who her dad was when she was small. I wish my Dad could have.

Journal from here, there, everywhere.

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