Use Share Extensions to Enhance Your Day One Photo Entries


Apple brought a lot of great improvements with iOS 8. This tip focuses on one feature of iOS 8—the share extension—and how it can help you enhance your photographic entries in Day One using collages, filters, and typography.

Layout from Instagram

There are many apps that can help you create a photographic collage for Day One entries. Layout from Instagram is a recent, superb example.


Instagram Layout

Follow these steps to create your own collage and post it to Day One within the Layout app:

  1. Download Layout from Instagram and create your collage.
  2. Once you’ve completed your collage, tap the “More” button to see additional sharing options.
  3. If you’ve never used Day One for sharing before, you’ll need to swipe the top row of icons and tap the white “More” button.
  4. Find Day One in this list and toggle it on. If you want it to be the first app to appear next time you use iOS 8’s share extension, drag it to the top of the list. Tap the “Done” button.
  5. Swipe the first row of app icons to find Day One, then tap the Day One icon to open the share sheet.
  6. Type some entry text, then tap the “Post” button.
  7. Open Day One and find your newly added entry. If you like, you can edit this entry and change its date, time, and location to match the photos in your collage, as well as add more text to your entry.
  8. Voila! The finished entry with a fancy collage photo on top.

Though the details of using various apps will differ, the process of using the share extension explained above is the same. The most important requirement is that the app supports iOS 8’s native share functionality. (If your favorite apps don’t support this functionality, ask for it… politely.)

Filters for iPhone

Filters is an app recently released by Mike Rundle. It’s focus on photographic filters goes deep, but hides that complexity behind an elegant, easy-to-use interface.


Over earns its designation as an App Store “Essentials” app. It’s easy to spiff up your photos with text and art, then share them to Day One. Check it out.

Fuzel Collage

Last, but not least, Fuzel Collage has the most features of any of these apps. It is an excellent all-in-one app that includes the features of the previous apps—collages, photographic filters, and typographic labels—and a few more—frames, stickers, and background fill colors/patterns. This is a great app.


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