10 Journal Ideas to Revitalize Your Summer Journaling

How to make sure a summer to remember ends up in your journal

With the sun shining, the waves crashing, and the grass growing, it can be hard to keep a growing journal. It’s the reality of the beautiful summer season — inspiration may be at an all-time high, but finding the time to record in your journal can be difficult.

On the other hand, inspiration could be at an … Read more “10 Journal Ideas to Revitalize Your Summer Journaling”

Why Multiple Journals Are Better

A few weeks ago, I talked about how creating multiple journals was an essential tip to developing a journal habit.

The premise was pretty simple: If you have multiple journals, it’s easier to to know what is and what is not a journal entry. In my experience, with one journal, it’s easier to forego completing a journal entry in the sake of maintaining a uniform journal than it is … Read more “Why Multiple Journals Are Better”

Journaling and Self Care

April 30th.

For Canadian accountants, it’s the worst day of the year. Every chicken comes home to roost. Every project is due. Every phone call is a must-answer. And, in all likelihood, the weather is beautiful outside.

For the most part, the eight weeks leading up to April 30th are no vacation either. Twelve to fifteen hour days are normal. You often walk into the office before the sun has … Read more “Journaling and Self Care”

Five Ways to Use Day One as a Travel Journal

Blooming cherry blossoms in the spring can only mean one thing: travel season is just around the corner.

I would chalk up the travel bug as a cyclical symptom of too much snow, too little heat, and too heavy a workload. And as it stands, I’m not the only one who thinks this way: many Americans do their traveling during the summer and all Canadian high school trips I’ve heard … Read more “Five Ways to Use Day One as a Travel Journal”

Some Tips for Developing a Journal Habit

I was talking to a friend recently who expressed a desire to start a journal. He mentioned how he always finds a way to start a journal, but has never developed the ability to keep a journal.

This is, undoubtedly, a common phenomenon. While starting a journaling habit is easy, maintaining the habit through the grind is difficult.

Getting through that grind is rewarding and healthy. And, it turns out, … Read more “Some Tips for Developing a Journal Habit”

Five Ways to Automate Your Day One Journal with TextExpander


If you’re anything like me, you have a compulsive need to maintain consistency and uniformity in your everyday life. Be it perfect punctuation and Markdown formatting when jotting down quick notes or having consistent filenames in Finder, I am constantly striving for some sort of organizational utopia within my Mac.

This couldn’t be more true for my personal journal. If I start a journaling practice — say, reviewing movies or … Read more “Five Ways to Automate Your Day One Journal with TextExpander”

10 Questions to Capture the Year in Your Journal

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New Year’s Questions

There’s always a certain degree of anticipation—an excitement in the air—for the turn of the calendar at the end of the year. It’s impossible to look at January 1st and not think about the chance for a fresh start.

By the same token, December 31st offers a tremendous opportunity to reflect. Undertaking a level of introspection—reflecting on the prior … Read more “10 Questions to Capture the Year in Your Journal”

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