A message to Day One users

Dear Day One User, 

Thank you for finding and purchasing Day One. This is a project I’ve been wanting to create for several years as I struggled to find an application that suited my needs in keeping a regular journal.

Things came together over the past 4 months in a special way that I was able to commit time, energy and money to the creation of this application for the Mac and iPhone platforms. I designed this app to help users easily and comfortably put down in words what is on their mind without having distracting thoughts about technology or privacy. It doesn’t matter if it’s a single word or a 5000 words to describe your day, on the road or sitting at your computer, the important thing is to put it down and knowing it’s always available for you to recall and remember.

Eighteen days ago, on March 10th 2011, Day One launched with great success on both the Mac App store and the iTunes app store. It’s been very satisfying to hear from so many users that really get the idea of Day One and how this was exactly what they needed to start keeping a regular journal of their lives. 

I made the decision to launch Day One without several core features that were planned for the final release. Using the application myself, I felt that even without every planned feature it was to a point that people can really start using it and writing. The beauty of the Mac and iTunes app stores is the application update process. It’s so easy and automatic that releasing regular iterative updates is a great plan for new applications. 

I want users to know that there is nobody more excited about the continued development of Day One than me. We are currently working on an update for the Mac App that includes Search, Global Hot-key, an improved Read View, and several other small enhancements. This update will be available early April. 

User feedback has been tremendous, I’ve been considering both what I feel is important to the future of the app with the user requests to weigh the priorities of each update. All while keeping the current Day One user interface clean, simple, easy to use and beautiful. 

All of these updates are free as part of the current Day One application. Here’s a list of some (not all, we’ve got a few surprises up our sleeves) I will be adding to Day One over then next several months:

  • Search (Mac and iOS)
  • New Read View
  • System Hotkey Shortcut
  • Password Protection (Mac and iOS)
  • Export to PDF and RTF
  • Categories via #hashtag solution
  • Additional Formatting (Bold, Italic, auto Hyperlinking)
  • Markdown Support
  • Calendar View
  • Full-screen writing mode
  • iPad Application (Universal with current iPhone app)

Thank you for being a user and for being patient with features you are waiting for. You can expect great things.


Journal from here, there, everywhere.

Download the Day One journal app for free on iPhone, Android, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch.

Journal from here there and everywhere mobile devices image.Journal from here there and everywhere mobile devices image.