Day One version 3 for macOS

Day One Mac has been redesigned to feel more at home on macOS. With a great improvement in performance and long term maintainability.
Day One Journal version 3 on macOS
Toolbar – Journal pane toggle, Timeline filter, Journal picker, Search, Timeline view tab bar, and New entry button. All now cleaned up and available from the Main app toolbar.

Timeline Cells – Entry list now displays a single photo from the entry with overlay information for included media, photos, and audio.

Entry View – Top bar includes date, with contextual, pop-out and dismiss buttons. Footer bar includes Journal, tags, location, weather and new Text Edit menu and Entry Content menu.

Pane management – Entry pane is no longer collapsable, Journal Drawer is toggle-able and auto collapses at small sizes. 

Menu bar entry – Simpler design, with a pop-out button to open entry in a single-entry window.

Journal info Page – Close an entry to see the selected journal information and stats.

Pop out entry – Double-click a Timeline entry, or click on the new popout button (top-right entry window) to keep as many single entries open outside of the main window.

Contextual menus – cleaned up and simplified.

Day One macOSDay One on macOSAnimated map view in Day One Journal location history.dayone-macos-02dayone-macos-03dayone-macos-04dayone-macos-07dayone-macos-08dayone-macos-grid

Download on the Mac App Store

Version 3.4: Drawing, Fonts, and Photo Layout

iOS version 3.4 is now available and adds several new features and a long list of updates. See the comprehensive Release Notes page for all the details.


Drawing has been the top feature request for a long time. We’ve been able to create a simple first version of drawing inside Day One to make it easy and fun to write words and draw using Apple Pencil on iPad, or your finger on iPhone. See here.

Three beautiful new fonts from Hoefler & Co. are now available in the editor. These fonts are specifically built for the screen using a term called ScreenSmart. Sentinel, Ideal Sans, and Whitney. (These will also be added to Mac next week.)


Dynamic Photo Layout. We’ve written an algorithm that auto arranges photos, in order, to create the best visual layout without cropping any parts of the image. The same photo group viewed on a narrow display will lay out differently on a wide display (iPhone vs Mac or iPad).


Apple Watch audio recording. We’ve redesigned the Watch user interface to be 3 pages, the center page is the main control with the same 2 buttons, New Entry, and Record Audio. Swipe left to see the recent activity feed locations and the check in button. Swipe right to see the new audio record controls. Now you can set an audio recording from 15 minutes up to 6 hours!


The recording screen will minimize to a discreet view to reduce brightness and distraction, tap once to bring up the status and stop button. Force press on the recording screen to see an option to Stop and Start New.

Let us know what you think of the new features. We hope these contribute to your goals of creating a comprehensive journal history of your life.

National Novel Writing Month and Day One

by Kathryn Marshall

So November is almost over (I know! Wasn’t yesterday July 10???) which means…National Novel Writing Month is almost over too! (Imagine a scream emoji here because that’s how I’m feeling right now).


1. What is National Novel Writing Month?

2. What does this have to do with Day One, a journaling app?

3. Does anyone want fries after this?
(Question 3 is a lie, everyone always wants fries after this).


First begun in 1999, National Novel Writing Month is an international endeavor that challenges participants to write a 50,000-word novel between November 1 and November 30. The only official prize is the satisfaction of hitting 50,000 or more words before your local clock strikes midnight on December 1. Some participants have turned their NaNo projects into professional works, available for sale wherever fine reading material is sold. Others (*coughlikemecoughcough*) just do it for the Vine (oh wait, Vine isn’t around anymore? Okay, well we just do it for the lulz then).

In recent years, the Powers that Be at NaNoWriMo have loosened up the rules about what constitutes a true NaNoWriMo project: now you can work on a non-fiction manuscript or include a work-in-progress novel (but only words written during November 1 and November 30 count towards that 50k goal). Write-ins–events where members meet up for a designated time to write–can take place online or offline, offering “WriMos” companionship, camaraderie, and lighthearted competition as they race towards that 50k finish line.

The NaNoWriMo forums offer more support and camaraderie in the form of threads about plot, characterization, reference help, music suggestions, and debates about the best type of writing tool (you have no idea how many different ways there are to physically write your novel until you take a gander through the “NaNo Technology” sub-forum and its various threads extolling the merits of everything from typewriters, to Google Docs, to speech-to-text software).

2. What does NaNoWriMo have to do with Day One, a journaling app?

That is such a good question! (Really, it is. I generally avoid sarcasm in my writing because it’s so hard to convey). We all know that while Day One was primarily designed as a journaling app, its uses have grown by leaps and bounds. People use Day One for photography, gratitude, health, family stories, etc. You can have a dedicated journal for anything and Day One will not break a sweat. So why not a writing and revision journal?

Lots of published authors have kept some form of diary or journal specifically to track their work, including John Steinbeck and Virginia Woolf.

Having all of your plot ideas, character sketches, random ideas, deleted bits, etc. in one place can be a life saver for the busy or distracted writer. And after the clock strikes midnight on December 1, your amazing, fantabulous, spectacular writing journal (powered by Day One) can morph into…an editing journal! Writing one’s book is only the first step, after all. Between typing “The End” in your word processor du jour and seeing a bound, for-sale copy of your book in the local store (…or, let’s be real here) lies a whole world of writing, rewriting, cutting, copying, pasting, writing some more, rewriting some more, throwing out whole chapters in a late-night panic attack, etc. (Writing is the best profession ever, right?).

Keeping all those notes and excerpts in one place—whether it’s a paper notebook or a Day One journal—can mean the difference between a half-finished manuscript that languishes on Dropbox and an actual, published work that touches the hearts of millions. You can tag character sketches, location notes, add pictures, etc. Being able to call up your writing notebook on any device running Day One means never worrying about missing a jolt of inspiration or writing session, either.

When I set off on this year’s National Novel Writing Month adventure, I knew things would be a bit tricky. Instead of starting a new manuscript from scratch, I would be adding to an existing story (that actually first took shape several NaNos ago). The story had stalled as Real Life kept intruding and I hoped NaNoWriMo 2018 would be a chance to jump-start my brain back into novel-writing mode. In addition to the existing chapters, I had research notes, random plot ideas, character sketches, etc. that all needed to be corralled appropriately. I sometimes rely on free writingexercises and Julia Cameron’s “morning pages” before I start actually writing, because it’s like warming up before an actual race. You need to stretch your mental muscles as much as your physical ones before you start a strenuous adventure. All that can live in my Day One writing journal for whenever I have a spare moment (or a whole afternoon).

Now that we’re coming up to the end of November, I still find Day One to be an invaluable tool in my writing arsenal. I’ve added about 8600 new words to my manuscript, and mapped out plans for existing chapters. I’ve got a better sense of which revisions need to happen and where. Just the near-daily routine of free writing exercises and morning pages has kept my spirits up on days when even writing a text message seems like a bridge too far. I can’t wait to see where my writing projects take me next and Day One will be right there with me.

3. Does anyone want fries after this?
Since it’s the day after Thanksgiving here in the U.S., we’re getting sweet potato fries. Trust me.

Give the Gift of Day One

Gift certificates are now available for purchase.

A Day One Premium membership is a great gift for anyone in your life. Share the clearer thinking, deeper gratitude, and calmer soul that come from journaling.


Purchase Gifts

Each membership is $35 for 1-year of premium access to all of Day One. You will receive an email with a PDF and a redemption code, to make it easy to share digitally or print it out and give in person.

Received a gift? Redeem here. Questions? check out the gifting FAQs.

Version 3

dayone version3 Apple iphone x

We are proud to introduce the latest iteration of the Day One journaling application. Version 3 is a major update to the foundation of the app text editor with redesigned shortcut menus for text formatting and adding content like photos and tags. Accompanying this update are two new Premium features, Dark Mode and Audio Recording.

Dark Mode

Dark Mode has been applied throughout the app with a custom theme, utilizing the pure black on the iPhone X True Tone display and it looks amazing.

Dark Mode Auto Toggle setting will update Light/Dark mode based on the sunset time in your current location. There is an option to customize this or have Dark Mode always on.

Audio recording is available in 2 modes:

  • 1-Minute Transcription Mode uses Apple’s Speech dictation service. Transcription is auto-added to the entry after recording ends.
  • 30-Minute Audio-Only Mode.

Audio Tip: Long-press on the audio record button for option to select a 1-time recording mode. Default setting is in Settings > Advanced.

You may also import audio clips via share extension, or paste from clipboard (from Voice Memos, Voicemail, and more). Supported file types are .m4a


New Unified Editor

We’ve been working on a new, custom text editor for over a year as a way to unify and improve the experience of writing and composing a journal entry.

Previously we relied on 2 separate views for an entry; Edit Mode, a native text editor with some Markdown highlighting, and Read Mode, a web-view to render Markdown to HTML. The separate views created a disconnect in certain cases like longer entries, if you wanted to make an edit at the bottom while in Read Mode, toggling to Edit mode wouldn’t line up exactly where you were.

As we started exploring Audio Recording and Dark Mode, we realized a value this unified editor would bring to the overall experience in Day One. Now it’s a single view in both modes; no more HTML view. To continue support for Markdown, Markdown Tables, and HTML embeds, we came up with an interesting solution using code blocks.

Code blocks now have a toggle button to switch between Code View and Web View. Existing Markdown Tables will be automatically detected, wrapped in a code block and toggled to Web View. This preserves the rendered table and allows it to be modified and edited. The state of each code block toggle is saved to the entry and synced to preserve the desired state of each block.


Checklists are another great benefit to the new editor as you can now toggle the checklist items in edit or read mode. What you see is what you get.

Markdown basics like headers, lists, bold, italic, rule lines, are automatically converted to rich text, instantly hiding the markdown syntax. We’ve also added a new content editor menu that makes adding this text formatting easy without knowing the Markdown shortcuts.

See the full release notes here:

Review by The Sweet Setup here:

Upvote us on Product Hunt:

Day One on Android

Download on the Play Store.

We’ve expanded Day One to the Android platform with a solid initial release. It was over a year in development to get all necessary features required to be on par with the iOS app. If you have an Android device, give it a shot.

Our roadmap for updates include: End-to-end encryption support (currently end-to-end journals will not sync to Android), Rich Editor, Tablet / Chromebook support, RTL Languages, UI translations.

Five Tips for Keeping a Gratitude Journal

I used to think keeping a gratitude journal was easy.

I had this little workflow setup through Launch Center Pro on my iPhone which asked me different questions at the end of each day. My answers were then sent to Day One and saved there forever.Those answers always ended up being repetitive and monotonous. I’d rarely dive into descriptive thoughts or feelings, instead opting to just finish the end-of-day quiz and get to sleep.Of all the journaling habits I’ve developed, gratitude journaling became the most boring and fell by the wayside.

Research suggests I made a mistake.

Gratitude journaling has a wide range of benefits. It improves sleep, improves your sense of wellbeing, and improves your willingness to accept change and disruptive events in your life. For me personally, gratitude journaling has also improved my spirituality.

And, most importantly, gratitude journaling surely improves positivity and an outlook for the future.

Getting back into gratitude journaling required some research. Along the way, these five tips jumped out as fundamental cornerstones to keeping a gratitude journal.

Let’s jump in.

1. Be descriptive, personal, and positive: Gratitude journaling works best when you genuinely dive into that which you are grateful for. Like authors describe all the functions of a scene in a storybook, so too should you when describing your gratefulness.

Focusing on people and your relationship with them also brings about a better sense of satisfaction. Sure, we are all grateful for some things, but it’s usually the people in our lives who have the greatest impact. Focus on people and move from there.

And of course, gratitude journaling isn’t going to improve your positivity if you’re not actually positive in your writing. Science has shown it’s easier to remember negative events than positive events, so this could be the most difficult step of all. As Lisa Shoreland states over at Positively Present:

Help really transform your thoughts by finding the positive side of negative situations. Instead of dwelling on things that are not working out – maybe a failed relationship, or financial hardships, or health problems – try to find a positive in those situations.

2. Don’t go through the motions and don’t overdo it: I let my gratitude journal slip by the wayside the first time around thanks to a repetitive sense of going through the motions.

More research: Sonja Lyubomirsky’s research suggests writing less in your gratitude journal (but still under some sort of structure or schedule) leads to more happiness than writing more often in your gratitude journal. I feel like this has been effective in my journaling as well — I feel happier and more grateful when I explicitly choose to journal about gratitude. Anecdotal at best, but I can attest to it.

3. Employ Tim Ferriss’ gratitude journal methods: Tim Ferriss is well known for his bestselling books and life coach lessons, but his approach to keeping a gratitude journal is one of the best. Ferriss focuses on four categories to ensure gratitude journaling keeps its splendor.

  1. Focus on relationships
  2. Focus on opportunities
  3. Focus on great events
  4. Focus on simple things

I find a particular impact when focusing on opportunities and great or important life events, but each of these categories could have a different impact on you. Relationships, again, are the most impactful aspects of most of our lives, while opportunities keep inspiration flowing into our lives to trigger great events.

Overall, Tim’s categories appear to flow from start to finish to help you recognize a greater process.

4. Use surprises as gratitude journal triggers:
This is an easy one. Whenever something important, surprising, or memorable works its way into your life, you can use the event as a trigger to jump into your gratitude journal. When these events happen, it’s easy to describe whathappened, how it happened, why it happened, and your reaction to the result.

I think this can improve your happiness, sense of self-satisfaction, and sense of self-realization, but it can also help develop successful habits. If there is an underlying pattern to the surprising and memorable events in your life, journaling will help recognize that pattern.

Plus, journaling triggers make journaling too easy.

5. Be grateful in the morning and reflective in the evening: We’ve talked about the Five-Minute Journal once before here on the Day One blog.

The structure of the journal is simple: be grateful in the morning and reflect at the end of the day. The Five-Minute Journal has three simple tasks each morning. First, you recognize three things you are grateful for. Second, you visualize three things that would make the upcoming day great. And third, you complete two different personal affirmations. Then, at the end of the day, you can unwind by reflecting on the great events of the day.

Overall, the structure is simple. But the structure leads to starting each day on a positive note and ending each day with a smile on your face.


I’ve found grateful moments occur around important life events — both good and bad life events — and around family events. I’ve used these types of events to trigger gratitude journal writing, but I’ve still found it difficult to create a habit without any sort of trigger.

Fortunately, actually being grateful doesn’t require writing it down. You can recognize your own gratefulness in a conversation with your spouse or friend, or you can express it through prayer. Journaling is only one avenue for improving gratitude and happiness.

Although, journaling may be the most effective avenue.

Day One Goes Premium


Day One is evolving. We’re transitioning to a more stable subscription business model to ensure this app and these services always stick around.

This week we’re releasing the Day One Premium subscription service. It includes the ability to create more than ten journals and access all future premium features.

If you have already purchased Day One (version 2.0 and later), the features you currently have will always be yours to use without any additional cost. This includes encrypted sync, ten journals, multiple photos per entry, and all ongoing maintenance updates and improvements.

As an additional benefit for our existing customers, we’re offering Day One Premium for 50% off (regular price is $49.99).

Thank you for being a founding part of making Day One what it is today, a trusted platform for personal writing, special moments, and reflections on life.

For more information, check out the Day One Premium FAQ or contact us.

Day One Encryption

(Repost from Medium)

When Day One launched in 2011, I knew that privacy would be an essential part of a great journaling app. We pour our deepest thoughts and feelings into this app, it should give us the assurance these remain private and secure.

In 2015, we launched Day One Sync as a replacement for iCloud and Dropbox sync, knowing we wanted to eventually offer web services (IFTTT, API, etc.) and applications on other platforms (Web, Android, Windows). Most importantly, it was the only way to create a proper solution to our most requested feature, end-to-end encryption.

We set a high bar for our small team, sync is hard, encryption is hard. It took two years for us to complete this project. During this time, we continued to move forward reading every 1-star review requesting encryption come sooner.

Today, I’m pleased to announce Day One Sync with private-key, end-to-end encryption is now available in version 2.2 of the Mac and iOS apps.

Day One is a trusted source for your personal data, thoughts, ideas, dreams, memories, etc. You own your data.

Day One iOS App Security Settings

“End-to-End” is a journal settings toggle alternative to “Standard” encryption on a per-journal basis. This approach allows us to continue developing additional applications and services for Day One, like our web and Android apps (curently in beta), without requiring the advancements of our encryption design. We will expand support for end-to-end encryption to all applications in the future.

You can learn more about end-to-end encryption, including our 3rd-party audit in our FAQ.

Thank you for your ongoing patience, trust, and support.


Day One iOS App Security Settings

Day One Tips & Tutorials Now on YouTube

Since Fall 2015, you may have noticed that we’ve been on a bit of a hiatus from adding content to the Day One Blog. Around that time, we were deeply head’s down as a team, focused on delivering Day One 2.0. We’re now ready to dust off the cobwebs and get crackin’ on some new blog content.

We’ve added a new video to our YouTube channel and created a Tips & Tutorials playlist. Check out our first video tutorial below…

If you’d like to request specific topics for future videos, or just want to reach out to us for any other reason, please contact our support team.

Thanks for capturing your life with Day One!

Day One + IFTTT

Day One adds an IFTTT Channel!

Connect here:
View all Day One’s IFTTT Recipes:

Animated image of all the IFTTT services with Day One

If you’re not familiar with IFTTT (If This Then That), it’s a free web-based service that allows users to create chains of simple conditional statements, called “recipes”, which are triggered based on changes to other web services. IFTTT is a great way to automatically add content from many web services including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. You can even set up an SMS trigger to create a journal entry via text message!

Here’s a sampling of our favorite Day One IFTTT recipes:

IFTTT Recipe: Save your new Instagram photos to Day One connects instagram to day-one

IFTTT Recipe: Save your Tweets to a journal entry connects twitter to day-one

IFTTT Recipe: Save liked tweets to Day One connects twitter to day-one

IFTTT Recipe: Email an entry to Day One connects email to day-one

IFTTT Recipe: Facebook Status to Day One Journal Entry connects facebook to day-one

IFTTT Recipe: Save Liked Video to Day One connects youtube to day-one

Note: We currently limit up to 100 entries created per day via IFTTT.

Let us know how you use IFTTT with your journals.

Introducing Day One 2

Introducing Day One 2

Day One 2 Showcase

The Road So Far…

When Day One 1.0 launched nearly five years ago on March 9th, 2011, I had a hunch it could become something great. Fortunately, that hunch has paid off. Since Day One’s debut, users have caught the vision and seen Day One’s value as a simple way to capture life as you live it—a personal journal app for your life. Great reviews and sales have allowed Day One to grow into a mature product. Since launching, Day One has had over 40 free releases, including many new features, thanks in part to Apple’s continued hardware and software innovations.

Day One 2

Over the past two years we’ve been working towards a major new version of Day One, using the somewhat awkward-sounding “Day One 2” as its name.

To support Day One 2’s new features, we ultimately rebuilt the app from the ground up, all the while staying true to Day One’s original simplicity. Rebuilding an app as seasoned as Day One is no small task. What I’d hoped would be a year-long effort has taken twice that… but we feel it’s been worth the wait.

Day One 2 will be a new app on Mac and iOS with two headlining features: multiple journals and multiple photos per entry. It will remain a paid app and be priced at $9.99 for iOS and $39.99 for Mac. We will provide a 50% discount to both apps during the first week of its debut. Day One Classic (v1) will continue to be maintained as needed and is compatible with Day One 2 when using Day One Sync.

Day One 2 will be available for purchase on Thursday, February 4th.

When creating a journal in Day One 2, you can pick from an array of colors to uniquely identify your journal throughout the app. In Day One iOS, tabbed navigation provides a quick way to toggle between List, Photo, Map and Calendar views. Star, tag, years, and other filters allow you to sort and find entries quickly. Multiple entries can be selected for easy bulk tagging, deletion, and organization. On Mac, the photo view is a wonderful way to visually browse your journal. On iOS, the map view defaults to your current location, so you can quickly filter the timeline to visualize all historical entries near you. It’s a great way to relive past moments.

Day One 2 iPhone Screens

Day One 2.0 Mac

Day One Sync

In May 2015, we successfully launched Day One Sync as an alternative to iCloud and Dropbox. In Day One 2, Day One Sync is our only supported sync service. You can, however, back up and export your data locally or to other shared services, like Dropbox. Our new sync engine is blazingly fast, secure, and free, providing freedom from the storage constraints of some services. Day One Sync is the foundation of many exciting features and enhancements we’re developing for the future.

Creating our own sync solution was based on a long list of critical reasons, but the two most important are reliability and security. Though not the majority of user experience, we just had too many cases of data loss and duplication. We realize how important and precious this data is—it’s imperative this data is never lost and always backed up securely.

In its current state, Day One Sync is comparable security-wise with iCloud and Dropbox, but we have grander plans—end-to-end encryption. A future update of Day One will include this advanced form of privacy and protection.


We’ve got a lot of things in store for Day One 2. Each new feature is carefully considered to not over-complicate the app—needless to say, it takes a fair amount of time and effort to do this right. Here’s a glimpse of some things to come: Audio Recording, Places, Activity Feed, Night Mode, People Tags, Advanced Search (as a filter), Publish 2.0, native embeds, attachments, and lots more…

Thank you

2015 was a great year for honing my craft—I feel like I’ve worked harder (and better) than ever, thanks in part to amazing tools like Sketch, Pixate, Github, HuBoard, Zeplin, Slack, and Xcode.

I’ve been very fortunate to bring together the best and smartest people I’ve ever worked with. The Bloom Built team is now 11 people strong: seven engineers, two support reps, a product manager, and myself, founder and chief designer. Out of our office in Lehi, Utah, we work hard, collaborate, focus, and get things done (with a bit of boardgaming, laser tag, and Starcraft mixed in). My team’s individual talents and abilities have been essential for our success.

I’m truly grateful to work on Day One. Our team gets to be part of a great product that makes a difference in people’s lives. I’m continually driven by the positive feedback and encouragement from you, our amazing users. Your support in buying our app, leaving feedback, and telling your friends about Day One is humbling. We look forward to continuing to serve you.

Thank you!

Paul Mayne
Founder/CEO/Chief Designer
Bloom Built, Inc.

P.S. If you have any other questions, check out our 2.0 FAQ or contact us.

Day One 2 iPhone Screens

Day One 2.0 Mac

Day One 2.0 Mac

Day One 2.0 Mac

Day One 2.0 Mac


Introducing Day One Sync

Day One Sync

The Bloom Built team is pleased to announce the public release of our official sync platform, Day One Sync. This free service joins Dropbox and iCloud as an option for syncing your Day One journal data.

Beyond syncing, Day One Sync is vital to the future of the Day One platform. It lays the foundation for numerous future features, including multiple journals, a web client, shared journals, multiple photos, journaling via email, a robust API, and more. Learn more about Day One Sync.

Starbucks’ “Pick of the Week”


Day One was selected as Starbucks’ Worldwide App “Pick of the Week.” For those of you who were lucky enough to get a code for a free copy of Day One during this promotional period, the code is redeemable from February 3, 2015 to April 28, 2015. (Note: If you had the Starbucks app installed and an account created prior to February 3rd, you may be able to get a promo code by going to “Messages” in the app.)

App Santa: Day One and other Award-winning Apps on Sale!

Day One and other award-winning apps are getting in the holiday spirit with the App Santa sale.

The amazing apps in this sale are significantly discounted, many up to 80% off. Some of the apps include: Tweetbot 3, Soulver, Launch Center Pro (great for making Day One Templates), Clear, and many more.

Day One iOS is 80% off and Day One Mac is 20% off! It’s a great time to get Day One for yourself and give it to your family and friends. (Heck, give it to your frenemies, too—it will make the season brighter for you and them.)

For a complete list of all the apps on sale, visit

Day One T-Shirt and Sticker Giveaway Results

The response to the Day One T-Shirt and Sticker Giveaway was amazing. Your comments about how you use Day One and the new features you want in Day One have inspired us. Thank you to everyone who entered and shared your thoughts!

Here’s the Facebook page for the contest:

How do you use Day One?

Here are a few verbatim comments about how Day One has been used:

“I use Day One for nearly every part of my life. It is my personal logbook when I am sailing. I love to be reminded of the progress in reaching my personal goals. The possibility to look what was 5 years ago (or later maybe 20 or 30 years ago) is awesome and I enjoy the beautiful way to search and tag entries! It is perfect for me to get a summary of my point of view concerning problems. It is a place for me to keep all those impressions you have on a great trip where you see so much new things, so I can remember especially the small things (pictures, sounds, smells) even years later. There is a lot more!”
Volker O., Halle, Germany


“Being a mom of 2 extremely energetic kids, my pen-journaling has almost died. At the same time, however, I wanted so badly to remember these precious moments with them; really remember the story behind the picture. I like the ability Day One has given me, to jot down little snippets of my day; a picture here with a note, sharing an amazing feeling or perk to my day, up to an entire entry at the end of the day. Some days I find myself having recorded 6 entries a day! It’s nice to record the moments that matter most right away, without the time and memory needed at the end of the day to get it all out on paper. Thank you!”
Robyn B., Orangevale, California, US


“I use Day One every day to journal just about everything that happens in a given week. My travel, vacations, work life, tech joys, and projects. When I travel, I work completely within my iPhone. When I return home, I import photos from my photo streams into iPhoto and tag selected items with “DayOne”. These are then journaled using the OSX DayOne app. Since Day One is smart enough to use the information from within my photos, I have little to do except describe the situation. This workflow between iOS and OSX works perfectly for me.”
Ken L., Hilliard, Ohio, US


“For the least year and a half, I have used Day One to keep track of my most important thoughts. Whether they were brief 2-3 sentence thoughts stored in the form of private tweets, work log entires tracking things I did throughout the day at work, photos of extra special dates with my significant other, or long-form entries consisting of more than a 1000 words contemplating the meaning of life — Day One has been the only app I find myself coming back to every time.”
Mark V., Santa Barbara, California, US


“I use Day One for so many things. I’ve converted journals that I’ve kept for 20 years across different formats, both digital and handwritten, to it–and have added weather information to each using Day One’s historical weather data. I use it to make note of special milestones, events, or humorous stories about my children. I make note of health issues or concerns that I’d like to track. I use it as a tool to impart my overly-wordy thoughts on things that no one in their right mind would be interested in listening to.”
Kenneth P., Pineville, Louisiana, US


“I use day one everyday. I am an exchange student in France for a year and I like to keep track of everything I did, the weather, and a picture for everyday. Sometimes I share my entries with my class back in the USA so they can see what I’m doing over here. I love being able to use the calendar so I can see what I did on a certain day. Day one is the perfect app for me and I plan on using it for the rest of my stay here and longer! I hope to use it for my college experience and maybe one day use it to track my kids progress and show it to them when they are older!”
Hayden R., Plattsburgh, New York, US


“I use Day One almost everyday to write down my thoughts, my daily experiences and also my dreams (tagged with #dreams) so I can easy find them; often they’re very funny and when I read them months later I laugh a lot). I love Day One because it allows me to relive moments I could have forget, important but little ones I have now written in black on white. Like Wordsworth said when we relive a moment it’s a more intense experience then the moment because on the first time you just live that moment, without thoughts. When you relive it you can think about it and with the imagination you can amplify it. Day One allows me to do this and for this I’m deeply grateful.”
Andrea P., Milan, Italy


“My husband gave Day One app on the New Year. He said, ‘I found a wonderful app for you. You can make your dream to write a book come true. It has everything that will help you write immediately or later, and then structure your writing.’ There are not so many people who know what they live for. I believe that the Day One is a best app to structure your life, to analyze your mistakes and problems. It is also a great thing to memorize your trips. I’ve always wanted to write a book about myself, my family and my life. I’m an absolutely ordinary citizen of our planet, and I’m not different from other people. But I love to think. I think about human relationships, what is good and what is bad in our world, the true feelings and values.”
Irene P., Penza, Russia


“Day One made me love writing again. I used to write by hand a lot when I was younger, but then it trickled off as I grew and demands on my time got more varied. I didn’t write anymore. After discovering Day One, I now write every single day. Just a little–it’s all I need. I can’t believe how much text one can write with just a few thoughts a day. It’s a tremendous record of my days that even surpasses what I used to do. Day One enabled me to love writing again, and has given me the gift of my own history—one that is mine and not to share, so it feels more real. Thanks to everyone at Bloom.”
Martin E., Waterloo, Ontario, Canada


“I started using Day One as a cancer survivor who also lives with a TBI (traumatic brain injury). One of the pitfalls of TBI is memory loss. I’m in my 40’s but some days my brain thinks it has Alzheimer’s. I deal with the loss of memories on a daily basis and it is incredibly frustrating. I don’t remember a family vacation from ten years ago. I don’t remember the first romantic weekend when I surprised my partner and went away to a lakeside villa. I don’t remember an activity just a few months ago that I did with my wonderful 7-year old niece. Enter Day One. Now I can “remember” cherished activities, events, and those little moments in time that we too often take for granted. I can tell you that a collision at home plate whilst playing softball forever changing those moments for me. I am so thankful that I have Day One, as I scroll back thru and refresh my memories. There are times that reading about an event in Day One will ‘trigger’ those memories so that I get flashes of events that might otherwise be lost in the grey matter. Thanks again for giving me a simple and elegant way to relive those days and events that otherwise would just be gone. It is truly a joy to look thru Day One.”
Cindy C., Bartlett, Tennessee, US

The Winners

Last, but not least, here is a list of all the lucky winners:


  • Andrea P., Milan, Italy
  • Andrew W., Droxford, England
  • Ann T., Danville, Virginia, US
  • Chris R., Bountiful, Utah, US
  • Cindy C., Bartlett, Tennessee, US
  • Daniel H., Italy
  • David P. (waiting for response)
  • Hayden R., Plattsburgh, New York, US
  • Ila W. (waiting for response)
  • Irene P., Penza, Russia
  • Ken L., Hilliard, Ohio, US
  • Kenneth P., Pineville, Louisiana, US
  • Mark V., Santa Barbara, California, US
  • Martin E., Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
  • Reinhard L., Schwaig, Germany
  • Robyn B., Orangevale, California, US
  • Torsten H., Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany
  • Volker O., Halle, Germany

Here’s an infographic demonstrating the relative popularity of blue vs. gray t-shirts:

A common question was whether we would offer Day One t-shirts for sale. Yes, we are planning to do that in the next few months. Stay tuned!


  • Alan G., Houghton-le-Spring, England
  • Amanda D. (waiting for response)
  • André M., Joinville, Brazil
  • Benjamin B. Easthampton, New Jersey, US
  • Brian M. (waiting for response)
  • Cesar B., Mandaue City, Philippines
  • Daniel A., Johns Creek, Georgia, US
  • Devin N., Lehi, Utah, US
  • Dylan D. (waiting for response)
  • Garrett E., Lancaster, Pennsylvania, US
  • Gerardo R. (waiting for response)
  • Heonjong L., Ulsan, South Korea
  • James B., San Diego, California, US
  • James S. (waiting for response)
  • Jennifer H., Perry, Utah, US
  • Jim K., Canoga Park, California, US
  • Jiří Z., Teplice, Czech Republic
  • John O., Green Bay, Wisconsin, US
  • John T. Clayton, Missouri, US
  • Karol D., Miami, Florida, US
  • LaTia B., Elmhurst, Illinois, US
  • Lawrence, R., Seaton, Australia
  • Linda M., Manorville, New York, US
  • Loti B. (waiting for response)
  • Mathieu B., Toulouse, France
  • Matt D., Irvine, California, US
  • Merlin N., Cedex, France
  • Michael L. (waiting for response)
  • Michael N. (waiting for response)
  • Mirek R., Dee Why, Australia
  • Niels K., Nes Ziona, Israel
  • Pedro I., Lima, Peru
  • Sam C., Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, US
  • Sam R., Burgess Hill, England
  • Scott K., Des Moines, Iowa, US
  • Tarik A., Sudbury, Massachusetts, US
  • Te R. (waiting for response)
  • Teddy M., Warner Robins, Georgia, US
  • Will W., Damascus, Oregon, US

Thanks for the overwhelming response and support you give Day One.

Apple Design Awards 2014 Winner: Day One


Yesterday, Day One was awarded an Apple Design Award at the 2014 Worldwide Developers Conference. We venerate Apple as a design and technology leader, and to be given this recognition is tremendously gratifying. We wish to thank all of Day One’s customers—your stories about Day One inspire and encourage us!


Lastly, congratulations to all of this year’s other winners. Your recognition is much deserved.

Apple Design Awards Winners

Apple Celebrates 5 Years of the App Store

We are happy to announce we’ve been invited to be a part of Apple’s 5 Years of the App Store celebration. Day One was selected a one of 5 paid apps made free for the week of the celebration (July 8th – 14th). At the end of this week, the price will return to $4.99 US, while the Mac app companion remains $9.99 US.

App Store Anniversary 5 years

From the 500 apps available at launch in 2008 to the more than 900,000 at your fingertips today, it’s been a remarkably prolific five years for the App Store. To celebrate, we’re giving everyone five landmark games and five groundbreaking apps for a limited time*. Plus, look back at the key moments that have made the App Store the world’s most innovative destination for apps.

This is a great milestone for Apple’s platform that has opened the doors to indie developers and creators to turn ideas into profitable products and companies. Day One would not be where it is today without the App Store.

We’re grateful for Apple supporting and promoting Day One, and also for our dear users, whose positive reviews and 5-star ratings keep us moving forward with success.

App of the Year!

We’re so honored to have Day One awarded with the Mac App Store 2012 Mac App of the Year.

As we approach the two year anniversary of launching Day One, I’m excited to report that the success of Day One has allowed us to continue improving these apps for the foreseeable future. I cannot wait to roll out the many great features we’ve been working on that will enhance your memories. All while keeping a focus on the core concept of Day One, which is writing and recording your life in a simple and elegant way.

Day One Mac App of the Year

Big shout out to Ben Dolman, the lead dev for Day One and the core Mac app developer. We are lucky to have him on our team.

Thank you all for your continued support and enthusiasm for Day One. Thanks to Apple for creating these wonderful devices and platforms and the recognition for our efforts. It definitely lights a fire in us to go the extra mile.


App of the Week

Day One is honored to be named App of the Week on both the iPhone and iPad App Stores for the week of January 19-26 2012. Plus a showcase banner on the Mac App Store for the second week in a row!

All the hard work that went into integrating iCloud has paid off in seeing so many new users try and love the app. 

iPad App of the Week: Day One

There have been lots of great comments from users talking about how Day One has given them the ability to stick with a regular journal. And about how much they have always wanted to keep a journal, but struggled to stick with it due to various reasons.

It’s so exciting to see all the promotion and praise the app is receiving. Yet I know there’s still a lot to be done and improved upon. iCloud is great and amazing, but can and will be so much better as we continue to work on and refine it.

Journal from here, there, everywhere.

Download for free on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch.

Day One app on iOS and Android devices

A Day One companion app is available for Android on the Google Play store.