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Day One is honored to be selected as an App Store “Essential” on both the Mac and iOS App Stores alongside so many other fantastic apps.

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This month Day One was invited to part of this great limited time group of apps discounted to $.99.

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As we prepare for the new year, 2015, Day One is a terrific way to improve your life a little bit.

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Day One and My Daughter

Day One and My Daughter

While we keep our journaling endeavors personal and separate, it has given us another thing to talk about and do together. I always love when I hear the words, “Daddy, my iPad reminder just said to remember to write in my diary…let’s go.” That means it’s time to sit down and reflect, typically me at the iMac or my iPhone, her on the MacBook or iPad mini. It’s bonding in a different way than I ever thought we’d have. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

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Day One app on iOS and Android devices

A Day One companion app is available for Android on the Google Play store.