The Way I Journal: Amit Gupta

Traveler and entreprenuer Amit Gupta doesn’t want to miss a moment Photo Credit: Helena Price Who are you and what do you do? My name is Amit Gupta. I’m a designer, entrepreneur, and occasional investor. I’ve worked on a lot of different things — started a couple companies, helped start a non-profit, wrote and contributed to a couple books, started […]

The Way I Journal: Kelly Hodgkins

Who are you and what do you do? My name is Kelly Hodgkins. I am a journalist covering the outdoors sector and cutting edge technology for Digital Trends. I also work part-time as the Program Coordinator for the Western Foothills Land Trust. When and why did you start journaling? I started journaling a year ago […]

The Way I Journal: Chris Handy

[Day One] Who are you and what do you do? [Chris] I’m Chris Handy (@chrishandy), a board game designer and publisher. You can learn about my games at and my latest game project—Pack O Game—a collection of gum-pack-sized card games. I also write and record music for children. When and why did you start […]

The Way I Journal: Valerie Elkins

[Day One] Who are you and what do you do? [Valerie] Hi, I am Valerie Elkins (@elkinsvalerie), and I am a professional genealogist, family history researcher, presenter, and writer. I am passionate about helping others find their stories and leave a recorded legacy. I recently wrote an ebook, “30 Days to Becoming Unforgettable” (free download […]

The Way I Journal: Bakari Chavanu

[Day One] Who are you and what do you do? [Bakari] My name is Bakari Chavanu @Bakari45, and I’m a freelance writer, blogger, author, and staff writer for I sometimes wear a few other hats, including a professional meeting facilitator. I’m happy to announce that I recently published my first iBook, Starting From Day […]

The Way I Journal: Cecily Walker

[Day One] Who are you and what do you do? [Cecily] My name is Cecily Walker @skeskali, and I’m a public librarian and emerging front-end developer based in Vancouver, BC. I’ve also worked as a user experience professional. I’m also on the editorial board of In The Library with the Lead Pipe, a peer-reviewed, open-access […]

The Way I Journal: Alan Bailward

[Day One] Who are you and what do you do? [Alan] My name is Alan Bailward (@alanbailward), and I’m the senior technologist at a web startup just out of Vancouver, BC. By day I do everything from programming architecture to fixing printers, while evenings and weekends I am a portrait and wedding photographer. I’ve been […]

The Way I Journal: Ross Lockwood

[Day One] Who are you and what do you do? [Ross] My name is Ross Lockwood (@rosslockwood), I’m a PhD student and simulated Martian. I’m working towards my PhD in Condensed Matter Physics, and participating as a crew member in the 120-day long Hawaii Space Exploration Analog & Simulation (, a NASA-funded study). When and […]

The Way I Journal: Sven Fechner

[Day One] Who are you and what do you do? [Sven] I am Sven Fechner and work as a Senior Manager for Cisco Systems across Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Russia. However, I might be more known online for the blogging I do at and, as of recently, I am a co-host at the […]

The Way I Journal: Cameron Moll

[Day One] Who are you and what do you do? [Cameron] I’m Cameron Moll (@cameronmoll), a designer, speaker, and author living in Sarasota, Florida with my wife and four sons. I’m the founder of Authentic Jobs (@authenticjobs) and Type Structures (@typestructures), an endeavor to print letterpress posters that reimagine buildings as if created in type. […]

The Way I Journal: Shawn Blanc

[Day One] Who are you and what do you do? [Shawn] I’m Shawn Blanc, I run three websites:,, and, the newest one. I work from home–for myself–managing these websites, doing some writing and editorial direction on them. All of it is focused on software and cool stuff like that. When and why […]

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