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I'm trying to get better at using @dayoneapp more regularly. The Activity Feed helps since I can add my more personal posts as entries. — Scott Franklin (@SplineGuy) June 16, 2017

I've written in a journal most every day of my adult life. @dayoneapp makes it easy & is what I use. It's a key to creating a great day #IAm — Bryce Prescott (@IamMrPrescott) August 17, 2016

The Depression Hacker’s Toolbox: Day One Journal App Day One is my journal of choice. It’s a real functional app that, with some effort, can become a tool in your toolbox against depression. The ease of use and beautiful design make it a joy to journal with, and it made sticking to my journaling habit […]

grad school

Journaling in Graduate School I never thought I would write a journal, write about writing a journal4, or even enjoy personal writing at all, but one semester down and I’m hooked. And even if you aren’t a student, I find that recording special moments, frustrating situations, and new ideas is a great way to brain […]

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