How I Use the Day One App for My Project Life Journaling

How I Use the Day One App for My Project Life Journaling

It features a basic interface, it’s easy to access and use from any Apple device (iPhone, iPad, MacBook, etc.), and it delivers exactly what it promises: a quick way to journal your day-to-day moments. Can you see why it’s so perfect for your Project Life journaling? You need more convincing? No problem. Keep reading….

Day’s Activities

The timelessness of parenting

It’s parenting that has inspired me to start keeping a journal of the day’s activities, even if it is just on my phone using the Day One app. It feels odd to journal about the silly games I make up with my kids or about every trip to the park. But I do it because the trite advice new parents hear is, unfortunately, true. Things go

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Day One and My Daughter

Day One and My Daughter

While we keep our journaling endeavors personal and separate, it has given us another thing to talk about and do together. I always love when I hear the words, “Daddy, my iPad reminder just said to remember to write in my diary…let’s go.” That means it’s time to sit down and reflect, typically me at the iMac or my iPhone, her on the MacBook or

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Publishing a Day One Journal as a Book

Publishing a Day One Journal as a Book

My wife and I keep a journal of notes about our twin girls in Day One. After a year of journaling, I wanted to print the entries in a physical book for my wife as a Christmas present. It was a process to get exactly what I wanted, and this post will serve as a guide to anyone that wants to do

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Writing with Children

From an enthusiastic Day One user who has found a great technique to involve his daughter in journalling:

I am writing a diary with my 5-year-old daughter – we take photos and write up days out, trips to family, what’s going on at school etc. We write it from her point of view asking her questions about her day. Hopefully as she gets older she will really enjoy being able

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Download for free on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch.

Day One app on iOS and Android devices

A Day One companion app is available for Android on the Google Play store.