Journaling your way toward God

Journaling your way toward God

Journaling can be a vital part of the journey of spiritual formation. On the pages of a journal, in the privacy of any given moment, I can take careful, thoughtful steps into the truth of my own experience with God and God’s revelation to me through his Word and Spirit. Through the words I’m recording in my journal, I can process my feelings, fears, struggles, experiences and ideas. I place it all there on the paper before both my eyes and God’s. It’s a soul-dump.

How I Use Day One

How I Use Day One: The Daily Log and Weekly/Monthly Reviews

Sometime around the beginning of this year, I started adding some structure to those daily logs. I still do a quick list of what I do each day, but I now have several sections that I’ll fill in when appropriate. I’ve found this really helpful in prompting me to take a closer look at what I did with my day, in part because it’s forced me to think about how I’m spending my time, in a way that I wasn’t always thinking much about before.

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