Journal for Your Kids

It’s the first time I’m keeping a journal for someone other than myself. Every other thing I write is for me, but what is going into Day One is for my Daughter. With Day One’s Reminder integration, I get an alert every day to add another entry. A subtle encouragement to do the right thing.

Day One is my time machine. I use it to write letters to my future daughter.[5] When she will be by age, my body will be almost 90. There’s little I can predict now about that future. I need to tell her about our family and what I was thinking while she was growing up. I try tell her about the moments that she will never remember. I hope I can explain who she is now. In these entries, I will travel to the future and explain who her dad was when she was small. I wish my Dad could have.

Tweeting to Myself

Tweeting to Myself

The bigger reason I think I’m so into Day One is that tweeting has trained me to live not only performatively, but with a critical, reflective eye. So many of my “Ooh, I should tweet that!” moments I don’t actually tweet, either because I don’t think my audience would be interested, or because they just plain aren’t appropriate for Twitter (or anyplace else outside my own brain, for that matter). But with an outlet for them, those thoughts are captured.

Journal from here, there, everywhere.

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