I've written in a journal most every day of my adult life. @dayoneapp makes it easy & is what I use. It's a key to creating a great day #IAm — Bryce Prescott (@IamMrPrescott) August 17, 2016

The Depression Hacker’s Toolbox: Day One Journal App Day One is my journal of choice. It’s a real functional app that, with some effort, can become a tool in your toolbox against depression. The ease of use and beautiful design make it a joy to journal with, and it made sticking to my journaling habit […]


Some days when I get stuck I just journal with @dayoneapp. All it takes is the right prompt, and the day is set back into motion. #amwriting — Eric M Bacon (@EricMBacon) October 12, 2015

Quick Logging Input/Output

Quick Logging Input/Output Day One user, Roberto Mateu, shares how he uses Day One to log his daily productivity. Before long you may start to notice some patterns, or even better: you will start to competing with yourself and work towards not breaking the productivity chain.

Dumping Ground

Helpful Apps to Make You a More Mindful Entrepreneur Day One Journal for me has basically become a free-form dumping ground for whatever thoughts and emotions have been welling-up in my body and mind throughout the day. I’m finding the exercise of journaling to be a fantastic pressure release valve to push toward the end […]

Work-Life Balance

Is It Possible To Have It All? 5 Powerful Techniques I’ve found to Achieve Work-Life Balance (and the tools I use to do it) It took me a while to figure out how to do this, but once I did it was game-changing. Self awareness can only really come through repeated activity and – more […]

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