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I'm trying to get better at using @dayoneapp more regularly. The Activity Feed helps since I can add my more personal posts as entries. — Scott Franklin (@SplineGuy) June 16, 2017


I have a tag in @dayoneapp called “unsent”. Letters, messages, replies to people that I didn’t end up sending, but needed to write. — orin (@OrinRezwana) October 27, 2015

How I Use Day One

How I Use Day One: The Daily Log and Weekly/Monthly Reviews Sometime around the beginning of this year, I started adding some structure to those daily logs. I still do a quick list of what I do each day, but I now have several sections that I’ll fill in when appropriate. I’ve found this really […]

Journaling Routine

Creating a journaling routine I’ve have since made several attempts at getting back into keeping a written journal. Each time, I had decided to try to find a way to do this digitally. I never really found a system for tracking my thoughts that I enjoyed as much as a written journal.

Search and Tags

My Journaling System Once I began journaling digitally I have never looked back. It adds so much to a journal. You can search across its vast contents in an instant. Plus there’s a very powerful way to index posts with tags. I can not overemphasize how tags revolutionized my capacity for capturing things.

email composition

If I’m writing a significant email, I often feel like it’s a relevant part of my day, my life and what I’m doing. Therefore I want it stored in my journal to help tell the full story of my life without the need to filter through a massive archive of my Gmail Archive. I also […]

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