iOS Guide

Basics (video tutorial)

Add Date / Time from Photo

When Creating an entry via the Photo button (on the Main Menu) you will be prompted with the option to set the date and time of the entry to that of the Photo.

Day One Guide: Date Auto from Photo

If you add a photo to an existing entry, you will not see the prompt, so you can manually set the entry to the photo timestamp by going to the date edit screen and tapping the button “Set to Photo Date / Time“.

Day One Guide: Date Add from Photo

Add Location from Photo

When adding a photo from the Main Menu or to an existing entry that does not yet contain location information. If the photo contains GPS data, it is automatically added to the entry.

If your entry already contains location information, you will see a prompt to let you update the location to the GPS location found in the photo.

Day One Guide: Location Auto from Photo

You also have the option to manually pull the location from the photo that is already added to the entry by tapping on the Edit Bar Location button and selecting “Use Photo Location“.

Day One Guide: Location Add from Photo

Open URL scheme

Day One iOS and Mac apps support URLs to send data into the apps from external sources. This allows apps like Launch Center Pro and Drafts App to work. Below is the URL scheme:

Command URL
Open Day One dayone://
Start an entry dayone://post?entry=”entry body”
Open Entries list dayone://entries
Open Calendar dayone://calendar
Open Starred dayone://starred
Edit Entry dayone://edit?entryId=[UUID]
Preferences dayone://preferences

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Day One app on iOS and Android devices

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