Instagram Integration

Connect one or more Instagram accounts in Day One iOS

The Instagram integration with Day One is currently unavailable. We are investigating the issue and will update this help guide as we learn more.

Users can now connect your Instagram account directly in Day One. This will pull all historical entries into a new journal called Instagram. It will include posts with multiple images and even videos. Instagram importing requires a Premium subscription.

For private Instagram accounts, the API requires the user to re-authorize the account about ever 60 days.


If you have Day One on macOS only, please sign into your account on the server dashboard at There the Instagram integration can be enabled. This also works for Premium subscribers on Android.


To begin, open Day One > Settings > Instagram.

Once authenticated, your Instagram data will begin importing. We are limited in requests during a certain period of time so if you have many posts on Instagram, please be patient as this data syncs.

Multiple Instagram accounts can be added and each will have their own journal.

You can edit the name of the journal in the Journal settings or by tapping the pencil icon next to the name in the Timeline view.

If your Instagram account is set to private, then the full resolution images will not import to Day One. You will need to temporarily set it to public and then connect the account in Day One to get the full resolution images. 

If you have additional questions, contact our support team.

Journal from here, there, everywhere.

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Journal from here there and everywhere mobile devices image.Journal from here there and everywhere mobile devices image.

A Day One companion app is available for Android on the Google Play store.