Journal Series

Welcome to the Day One Series, a special collection of articles by user Tulio Jarocki about journaling.

Day One has been an incredible addition to my life; it is one of the few pieces of software that has made a substantial impact on my life. Bloom Built’s excellent app helped me start developing the habit of writing not only for an audience, but for myself. After almost a year of using Day One to journal, I still can’t help myself talking about it all the time.

I’m pretty sure this occurs because my experience with journaling has been so positive that I wish ardently to share what I’ve learned, both about journaling and about Day One. So, instead of publishing scattered posts about the topic, I figured I’d do a five-post series talking about journaling with Day One. I always had this desire to do small series about specific topics in my site, and I found this to be the perfect opportunity for doing my first.

For thos wondering, this series is divided somewhere along the lines of:

  1. Why to Journal and Why Day One
  2. What to Journal
  3. The Keystone Habit of Journaling
  4. Journal Organization: Tags & Markdown
  5. Advanced Day One Tips: Templates & Automation coming soon

I hope you guys enjoy reading the series as much as I’m enjoying writing it. If you have any suggestions for the series feel free to contact me.

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