Day One Sync

Why Day One Sync?

Day One Sync is a fast and reliable service for backing up and synchronizing your Day One journal between all of your devices.

Beyond syncing, this service is vital to the future of the Day One platform. It lays the foundation for numerous features in the future, including:

  • Web-based version of Day One
  • Shared journals
  • Journaling via email
  • API and IFTTT integration
  • More…

How do I enable Day One Sync?

Go to Settings > Sync (iOS) or Preferences > Sync (Mac) and toggle on Day One Sync, then follow any additional on-screen setup instructions. After enabling sync on each of your devices, your data will be uploaded for syncing. The exact amount of time to initially upload your data varies based on the size of your journal and the speed of your device and Internet connection.

Privacy and Security

Your journal data is private and we do the following to help keep it that way:

  • All data, including entries and photos, are stored in encrypted form on our servers.
  • We use encrypted connections for all server communication to and from your devices over the Internet.
  • Access to data with standard encryption is limited to key operational employees. These employees keep the sync service running, but are strictly prohibited from ever accessing encrypted data unless required for technical support or when legally required to do so. (Day One employees have no access to end-to-end encrypted data, as described in the next section below.)
  • We help guard against breaches by requiring strong passwords and two-factor authorization for all administrative accounts.
  • For more details about Day One privacy, see our Privacy Policy.

End-to-End Encryption

Day One version 2.2 offers full end-to-end encryption on the server for iOS and Mac apps. This is an option on a per-journal basis as encrypted journals are not yet supported in the beta versions of Day One Web and Day One Android apps.

Our encryption features utilize the user’s private key to encrypt all entries before they reach the server. In short, the server will have no access to the user’s unencrypted data.

Our Servers

Your Day One journal data is stored on Amazon AWS servers using the same infrastructure trusted by many of the best apps and services on the Internet. (See Amazon S3 FAQs for more information.)


We are committed to making sure you can export your data from Day One. Day One entries can be exported in the following formats: plain text (Mac only), Markdown (Mac only), and PDF (Mac and iOS). Your photos are stored in JPEG format and can be exported out of Day One. To learn more, see Exporting Entries.

Data Deletion

You can delete your Day One Sync data at any time by visiting your account at Doing so will delete your journal data from the Day One servers, but your journal data will remain on your devices. You can continue to use Day One without a sync service enabled.

Learn More

If you’d like to learn more, please see our Sync FAQ for more details, or read our blog updates about encryption.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, need some help, or would like to leave feedback about Day One, contact us. We’d love to hear from you!

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