Day One 1.5

January 24, 2012 by Paul Mayne

Version 1.5 for Mac and iPhone / iPad has been available for a couple weeks now and very well received. This update brings the Mac app and the iOS apps together on the same version number as they both add a major new feature, iCloud.

iCloud becomes an alternative sync option to Dropbox. Since it's integrated with the system, it becomes a very simple and easy solution that requires no setup or login. In fact, is a user has iCLoud enabled on the device with Documents and Data enabled, iCloud will be auto enabled on first use.

In addition to iCloud on the Mac, there's a long list of new features I am very proud of including:

  • Auto Save
  • Auto Backup
  • Markdown / MultiMarkdown (in Read and Edit Modes)
  • Lion Full Screen mode
  • Font Size preference
  • Font / Styles (Sans, Serif, Monospaced)
  • Auto Bold First Lines (Titles)
  • UI Transitions
  • Improved Day / Read layouts
  • Entry preview on hover (Days & Starred View)
  • Live sync UI updates
  • Command S to Save
  • Improved Export Format (with Markdown)
  • Improved Dropbox sync
  • Printing
  • On Startup Preference
  • Journal Merging
  • Settings cog on Main Menu
  • Spelling and Grammar Preferences
  • Keyboard Navigation and Controls

While the iPhone and iPad update adds:

  • iCloud
  • Custom List UI
  • Read Mode Pull to Reveal Background
  • Prev / Next Navigation Animation with bounce
  • Auto Bold First Line Titles
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