Privacy Pledge

There are few things more private in this life than a personal journal. It’s the place where you can take all those thoughts, emotions, and big feelings swirling around in your head (and heart) and unload them. The desire for a completely private digital space is what motivated the creation of Day One in the first place. This is why privacy isn’t just a feature we offer. Privacy is the literal foundation upon which Day One is built. 

We want to give you a closer look at some of the measures we’ve taken to ensure your journal data is private and secure:

1. Military-grade encryption

End-to-end encryption is built into Day One and turned on by default. Unless you choose to only store your data locally (yes, this is an option), your data syncs with our servers. Because that data is encrypted from end to end, it comes across the internet as a big jumbled mess. Even if we wanted to read what’s in your journal (we don’t), we couldn’t. And if someone maliciously got into our system, they wouldn’t be able to read what’s in your journal, either. Only you have the encryption key. So rest assured that even if you’re just writing about the weather or saving photos of tacos in Day One, your content is 100% private.

2. Passcode + Biometrics

If someone gets their hands on your phone (children are the most common culprits), they shouldn’t have access to your journal. Regardless of which device you use, Day One lets you turn on passcode or biometric protection. We’ve seen some beautiful paper journals in our day, but not a single one that requires a face or fingerprint scan to be opened. Day One is safe from snooping eyes, just how a journal should be.

3. Hidden Entries

Some of us use Day One in public, and no one wants Stranger Steve looking over their shoulder at the juicy details in their journal. You have an option to conceal content for each journal, so your entries stay hidden until you tap to reveal it. Simple and secure. 

4. Our Track Record of Trust

Day One has been around since 2011. Over the past decade, more than 4 million journals have been created in Day One. The app has been downloaded in virtually every country on the planet and received over 200,000 5-star reviews. When you boil it all down, we believe the global success of Day One can be attributed to trust. 

5. Continued Privacy Innovation

Of course, we’re not resting upon our laurels when it comes to your privacy and security. As technological advancements are made by Apple and Google, we work to quickly implement the latest capabilities across our apps to ensure Day One remains the secure journaling platform that millions of people across the globe trust.

Our Privacy Pledge

What you put in Day One will always be your data, but we pledge to protect it like it’s our own.

If you’d like to take an even deeper dive into the different ways we protect your data, we encourage you to check out our Privacy FAQs.  

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