Conceal content for additional privacy

How to conceal entries on the Timeline and multi-entry views in Day One

Personal journaling can be a very private experience. To provide additional privacy options, we have introduced a new feature to conceal entry content in the Timeline and multi-entry views (Today and On This Day). This is enabled at the journal level.


Go to Day One > Settings > Journals > tap the journal to be concealed > turn on the toggle for Conceal Content.

Entries will now be hidden on the Timeline until tapped. Tap the eye icon on the entry to reveal content. Tap the eye icon next to journal status to conceal again.


Go to Day One > Settings > Journals > click the “I” icon to the right of the journal > click the box for Conceal content.

Once concealed, entry content will be hidden in the Timeline view until clicked. Click the eye icon at the top of the app to conceal entries again.

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