The journal that redefines journaling.

Discover how Day One allows you to capture life as you live it.

Simple to use, easy to love

Beautiful, award-winning design.

Unlimited number of text entries.

Powerful rich text formatting with markdown.

The ability to create different journals within Day One for every aspect of your life.

A journal that goes with you everywhere without the risk of going anywhere

Automatic backups to our private servers keep your journal safer than safe.

Privacy protected with industry leading end-to-end encryption.

Secured with passcode or biometrics to prevent unwanted snooping.

A variety of export options ensure your entries always stay yours.

Bring your journal to life with more than just words

Preserve even more powerful memories with unlimited photos and videos.

Use the Instagram Importer tool to save your social posts to Day One.

Add handwritten entries or drawings using the Apple Pencil, your finger, or a stylus.

Dictate entries with voice transcription or record stories and impressions with audio.

Start an entry on one device, finish on another

Capture the moment wherever you are on iPhone and Android.

Sit down at your Mac or iPad for long-form writing.

No phone, no problem. Use audio recording or dictation to create an entry on your Apple Watch.

Save websites in a click with Safari and Chrome browser extensions.

Compose, bcc, or forward email entries straight from your email inbox to your Day One journal.

A journal you actually go back and read

Relive past memories with On This Day.

Tags, favorites, and search filters make finding photos and entries quick and easy.

Take a trip through all your trips with the map view.

Create high quality printed books and flip through the pages of your life story.

Get in the habit. Stay in the habit.

With custom journal prompts, “I forgot” will never be an excuse again.

Activity Feed makes it easy to see where you’ve been and what you’ve done.

Track your journaling streak with the calendar view to keep your momentum going.

Stay inspired with our Instagram, podcast, blog, and Facebook community.

Type less, record more

Time, date, weather, step count, and other key data is magically added to every entry.

Templates are a great way to add structure and consistency to your entries.

IFTTT applets allow you to automatically import data from Spotify, YouTube, Strava, Fitbit, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Siri Shortcuts uses automation to make journaling faster and easier.

Start a journal entry in Apple Photos, Safari, and other apps.

Journal from here, there, everywhere.

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A Day One companion app is available for Android on the Google Play store.