Daily Writing Prompts

How to use writing prompts to create Day One entries.

Writing prompts give you inspiration and interesting topics to write about daily. A new writing prompt appears every day. 

Prompts are now available to all languages, but the prompt will be in English.


Prompts are enabled by default on all devices with English as the primary language. Go to Day One > Settings > Daily Prompt to disable this feature. 

On iPad or Plus/Max iPhone devices, the writing prompt will appear on the right panel.

On non-plus sized devices, tap the + icon at the bottom of the Timeline. Then tap to answer the prompt. This option is also available on iPad. 

Tap and hold on the prompt to reveal other options like View Entry, Answer Again, or view Recent Prompts. 


The writing prompt will appear on the right panel when no entry is selected. Tap to Answer to start a new entry with that writing prompt. These can be disabled in Day One > Preferences > General > uncheck the box for Daily Prompt.

Right-click (or Control+click) the prompt on macOS to see additional options like Recent Prompts.

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