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Command Line Interface

The Day One CLI makes it possible for programs and scripts to interact with a Day One Journal from the command line.


$ ./dayone new

Waits for input from stdin then creates a new entry in the default journal

$ echo "an entry from yesterday" | ./dayone -d="yesterday" new

Creates a new entry using yesterday’s date with the specified text

$ ./dayone -d="25/03/2011 5:30PM" -s=true new < ~/Desktop/note.txt

Creates a starred entry using the contents of note.txt

$ echo "an entry in my other journal" | ./dayone -j=~/Documents/WorkJournal.dayone new

Creates an entry in a journal other than the default

More Info

To see available options and examples, use the --help argument.

$ ./dayone --help

Currently, there is one supported command: “new”. The “new” command allows users to write scripts to import entries from another program or to write utilities that allow for automated entry creation.

The CLI automatically uses the Day One Journal that is configured in the Day One Settings window. You can specify a different Journal using the --journal-path option.

When creating a new entry, the current time is used by default as the entry creation date. To specify a different date, use the --date option. This option accepts dates in most formats, including some natural language strings such as tomorrow or yesterday. The system’s locale is used when deciding how to parse a date.

Uninstalling the CLI

To uninstall the CLI, run this command:

rm /usr/local/bin/dayone


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