Editing and formatting in Day One for macOS

How to edit and use formatting options in Day One for macOS.

Editing in Day One on Mac is easy. Simply click anywhere in the entry to place a cursor and begin editing. Many of our previously supported Markdown commands are still functional in this new editor and it converts automatically to rich text.

There are not separate views for Edit and Read mode. Click anywhere in a the body of an entry to place the cursor and start editing.

When you are done editing, type Command+Enter or click the X at the top left of the entry to exit edit mode and save.

Click the Aa icon at the bottom right to open text formatting options

Click the paper clip icon for attachments and other options.

Highlight text to see quick formatting options.

Other options along the bottom also access additional details and tools. The Media Picker will show photos taken on the date of the entry.

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Journal from here there and everywhere mobile devices image.Journal from here there and everywhere mobile devices image.