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Create a Shared Journal with Day One Premium. Those you invite can access your Shared Journal, regardless of subscription level.

Journal life as you live it,

with the people who make life worth living.

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Closer connections, one entry at a time.

Share daily highlights, life updates, photos and more in a shared space, fostering deeper bonds with family and friends. Experience the joy of collective journaling and grow closer than ever before.

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Always private and secure,
with end-to-end encryption.

Shared Journals are powered by the same end-to-end encryption technology as your other Day One journals, ensuring your shared space is a safe space. Share freely with the assurance that your journal is only visible to the people you invite.

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Delight in revisiting memories.

With an interface designed to make reminiscing easy and enjoyable, Shared Journals makes preserving moments with those you love a joy.

Personal and Shared Journals are always separate.

Choosing to share your journal or keep it private is a personal decision. Shared Journals are always separated from your personal journals.

Create a Shared Journal with Day One Premium, coming soon for iOS and the Web. Android support coming next.

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What are Shared Journals?

Shared Journals are a new type of journal in Day One that allows you to invite others to view, comment, or add entries of their own to a Shared Journal. Day One Premium users can create unlimited Shared Journals, and anyone they invite can view, comment, or add entries to a Shared Journal for free.

Why would I want to share my journal? It’s private!

Journals, by nature, are intimate spaces to process thoughts, feelings, experiences, and ideas. Choosing to share your journal or keep it private is a personal decision. There are various reasons to consider sharing a journal, as well as strong reasons to keep it private.

Over the years, we’ve heard from a lot of Day One users who would like to be able to share one of their journals with a spouse or family, a small circle of friends, or a therapist, teacher, or mentor. So, Shared Journals are a new Day One feature to bridge this gap.

What happens after I sign up for the Shared Journals waitlist?

We’ll notify you via email when we’re ready for you to access Shared Journals. Want early access? You’ll get a referral link after signing up to share. When your friends sign up, you’ll move up in line.

Are Shared Journals secure?

Shared journals have all the same protections as your Day One personal journals. The only people who can access a Shared Journal are the people you invite to them. All Shared Journals are end-to-end encrypted. Even Day One can’t access them.

How can I be sure I won’t accidentally share something that was meant to be private?

We’ve designed Shared Journals so it will be obvious to you when you’re about to share something that others might see. For example, when you’re creating a new entry in a Shared Journal, you’ll see a banner indicating the people who will see it. When you move an entry into a shared journal, you’ll see a warning message asking you to confirm the action first. 

Do I need a Premium membership to share a journal?

Yes, you need a Day One Premium membership to create and share a journal with others. However, others can participate in your Shared Journal for free without a Premium membership.

Will my Shared Journal be available on all my devices?

Yes, if you are a Premium member, your shared journals will sync across your devices just like personal journals do.

Which of the Day One apps support Shared Journals?

Right now, you can use Shared Journals on Day One for iOS and on Day One for the web [beta]. We’re diligently working on Shared Journals for Android, coming soon within the next few months.

How many people can I share my journal with?

Right now, you can invite a max of 30 people to a Shared Journal.

What can I share in my Shared Journal?

You can share anything you would add to a regular journal. As a Premium member, you can type or add unlimited photos, videos, audio recordings, drawings, and files. If you’re a free member, you can type or add a photo. Even if you’re a free member, you’ll be able to open everything that everyone else shares with you in a Shared Journal – photos, videos, audio, and all. 

Can I convert one of my personal journals into a Shared Journal?

 No, your existing personal journals can’t be converted to a Shared Journal. But you can copy or move your entries from a personal journal into a new Shared Journal.

How many Shared Journals can I have?

If you’re Premium, you can create as many as you want!  If you’re a free user, you can’t create Shared Journals, but there is no limit to the number of Shared Journals you can be invited to.

Will I ever see ads in Shared Journals?

Absolutely not. We’ll never show ads in your journals. Day One will always be an ad-free space.

What if I invited someone to my Shared Journal but now I’ve changed my mind?

As the owner of a Shared Journal, you can remove someone from your journal at any time. You can also withdraw from a Shared Journal at any time.

How can I share feedback on Shared Journals?

We’d love to know what you think about Shared Journals. Please share your feedback here.

Have more questions? Check out our help page or contact us.

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