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How to Add Spotify Playlists or Tracks to Your Day One Journal

Capture the music that defines your moments, moods, and milestones in your journal.

Day One for iOS and Mac now offers support for embedding Spotify tracks and public playlists directly into your journal entries. Whether it’s a song that perfectly encapsulates your feelings or a playlist designed for a special occasion, here’s how to make your journaling experience richer than ever with its own unique soundtrack.

A screenshot of Spotify playlists and tracks embedded in a Day One journal entry

To embed a Spotify playlist or track into a journal entry, you first need the URL (or link) of the playlist or track. You can find this link in a few different places, like from the “Share” menu item of the track of playlist. Select the “Copy link” option.

A screenshot explaining how to copy a link from a Spotify playlist

In your Day One app, create or open a journal entry. Paste the link into your journal entry. Day One will automatically create the embed for the playlist or track.

A screenshot that previews a Spotify playlist embed in Day One

Method 2: Sharing From the Share Menu

You can also share your Spotify playlist and tracks from the Share menu in Spotify. Tap the “…” menu item next to any track or playlist to reveal more sharing options. Find Day One in the options.

Sharing a Spotify playlist from the Share menu into Day One

That’s it! Day One will automatically create a new entry with the Spotify track or playlist.

A screenshot of a new journal entry with a Spotify playlist

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