App of the Week

Day One is honored to be named App of the Week on both the iPhone and iPad App Stores for the week of January 19-26 2012. Plus a showcase banner on the Mac App Store for the second week in a row! All the hard work that went into integrating iCloud has paid off in seeing so many new users try and love the app.

There have been lots of great comments from users talking about how Day One has given them the ability to stick with a regular journal. And about how much they have always wanted to keep a journal, but struggled to stick with it due to various reasons.

It’s so exciting to see all the promotion and praise the app is receiving. Yet I know there’s still a lot to be done and improved upon. iCloud is great and amazing, but can and will be so much better as we continue to work on and refine it.

Journal from here, there, everywhere.

Download the Day One journal app for free on iPhone, Android, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch.

Journal from here there and everywhere mobile devices image.Journal from here there and everywhere mobile devices image.