Apple’s Journaling App and Day One

According to recent news, Apple is rumored to release a new app this year related to journaling and life tracking. This is a testament to the growing interest in journaling and the many benefits it provides. We obviously believe in the value of writing and reflecting for personal growth and wellbeing, and we’re excited that Apple’s efforts will promote the practice to a wider audience. However, this also redoubles our commitment to making sure Day One remains the very best option for you — and for the rest of our loyal users.

Day One will continue to differentiate from Apple and other journaling apps with a focus on inspiring writing, beautiful design, security, and new innovations. In addition to all the great updates we’ve been rolling out this year (like the recent release of Day One on the web), we’re excited to share that we’re currently testing a long requested feature, “Shared Journals,” to allow small groups and family members to collaborate on a single shared journal. Look for updates on this in the coming months.

Our dedication and passion for creating an exceptional journaling experience have made Day One the beloved app it is today. This new development simply means it’s time for us to push ourselves to deliver even more unique features and capabilities that set us apart from the competition.


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Paul Mayne founded Day One in 2011. He’s passionate about tech, sustainable software products, user experience, and the combination of creative arts with emerging tech.

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