Day One 1.8.1 Update for iPhone and iPad

It’s been six weeks since the major update that added Photos, Locations and Weather, which have been very well received. Today we’ve released a minor update to address several nagging bugs and issues as well as a good handful of cool enhancements including auto embed support for Vimeo and YouTube videos.

This makes it really easy and elegant to place a hosted video inside your Day One entry. We are working on and planning many more media types in the next update, so look forward to that. We’ve also added the ability to auto link @twitter usernames and support for the new iOS 6 and iPhone 5 with 4-inch vertical screen. See a detailed list of updates in the Release Notes. Download: Day One 1.8.1 for iOS There’s a lot more in store as we improve and work on the next major update, so stay tuned and keep on logging your life with Day One! ps. If you enjoy the app, the best way to show appreciation is by leaving a rating in the app store. Thanks so much.

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