Day One Encryption

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When Day One launched in 2011, I knew that privacy would be an essential part of a great journaling app. We pour our deepest thoughts and feelings into this app, it should give us the assurance these remain private and secure.

In 2015, we launched Day One Sync as a replacement for iCloud and Dropbox sync, knowing we wanted to eventually offer web services (IFTTT, API, etc.) and applications on other platforms (Web, Android, Windows). Most importantly, it was the only way to create a proper solution to our most requested feature, end-to-end encryption.

We set a high bar for our small team, sync is hard, encryption is hard. It took two years for us to complete this project. During this time, we continued to move forward reading every 1-star review requesting encryption come sooner.

Today, I’m pleased to announce Day One Sync with private-key, end-to-end encryption is now available in version 2.2 of the Mac and iOS apps.

Day One is a trusted source for your personal data, thoughts, ideas, dreams, memories, etc. You own your data.

“End-to-End” is a journal settings toggle alternative to “Standard” encryption on a per-journal basis. This approach allows us to continue developing additional applications and services for Day One, like our web and Android apps (curently in beta), without requiring the advancements of our encryption design. We will expand support for end-to-end encryption to all applications in the future.

You can learn more about end-to-end encryption, including our 3rd-party audit in our FAQ.

Thank you for your ongoing patience, trust, and support.


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