Day One iOS 7 Redesign

We are happy to release a great update to Day One for iPhone and iPad version 1.12, a complete redesign to match the new style and feel of Apple’s beautiful iOS 7.

Since its launch in Spring 2011, distraction-free journaling has been a guiding principle in Day One’s user interface. With Apple’s release of iOS 7, Day One’s writing experience is even more refined with redesigned icons, navigation bars, and more.

Great improvements made to the iPad app take full advantage of Apple’s amazing Retina devices.

Activity tracking

Apple’s new M7 coprocessor has inspired Day One to add even more context to your entries. Whether stationary at your desk or catching a flight home, Day One tracks what you were doing when you wrote your entry. (Available on iPhone 5s, iPad Air, and new iPad Mini)

Daily Step Tracking

Day One is designed to help you record your walk of life. Now you can do it literally—with no extra effort—using Day One’s new “Step Count” feature. (Available on iPhone 5s)

Background fetch for Dropbox sync using the new iOS 7 background updating

Even when its closed, Day One is still open for business. With iOS 7’s new background fetch for Dropbox, entries created on other devices are waiting for you in Day One.

Track currently playing Music (Display what track is being played on the device)

Day One automatically adds context—date, time, weather, and more—to your entries. Now, as you listen to music with iOS’s Music app, track titles are added to journal entries.

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Download the Day One journal app for free on iPhone, Android, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch.

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