Day One Mac 1.9.1 now available

Mac App Store Lots of great improvements and enhancements in this release. Thank you for the overwhelmingly positive feedback for Day One, it keeps us fired up to continue improving.


  • Menu Bar entries now include location and weather
  • Star Toggle added to Day and Timeline View
  • Step count and motion activity icons displayed with entries
  • Drag Photos out of entries and have entry date as filename
  • Double-clicking dots in Maps view will zoom to that location
  • CMD + T keyboard shortcut for toggling tags on/off and CMD-L for toggling the location menu
  • Sorting menu in the Calendar view
  • Repair location button added to Map view list of entries
  • Spacebar to open photos in quick view
  • Blank entries collapsed in timeline view
  • Option to disable analytics
  • Show names for bodies of water if street address unavailable
  • Speed improvements


  • Remove additional alerts about location services.
  • Drag and drop from Lightroom produces low-res image.
  • Clicking on text in read mode makes it so the spacebar doesn’t work.
  • Various Map display issues.
  • Addresses changed by moving the pin don’t stick.
  • Read mode arrow navigation issues.
  • Better handling of Dropbox ‘Conflicted Copy’ files.
  • Quick Menu improvements.
  • Video embeds are not rendered in 1.9
  • “New Day One Entry With Selection” in Services Menu Doesn’t Work
  • Various crashes fixed

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