Day One T-Shirt and Sticker Giveaway Results

The response to the Day One T-Shirt and Sticker Giveaway was amazing. Your comments about how you use Day One and the new features you want in Day One have inspired us. Thank you to everyone who entered and shared your thoughts! Here’s the Facebook page for the contest:

How do you use Day One?

Here are a few verbatim comments about how Day One has been used:

“I use Day One for nearly every part of my life. It is my personal logbook when I am sailing. I love to be reminded of the progress in reaching my personal goals. The possibility to look what was 5 years ago (or later maybe 20 or 30 years ago) is awesome and I enjoy the beautiful way to search and tag entries! It is perfect for me to get a summary of my point of view concerning problems. It is a place for me to keep all those impressions you have on a great trip where you see so much new things, so I can remember especially the small things (pictures, sounds, smells) even years later. There is a lot more!” — Volker O., Halle, Germany

“Being a mom of 2 extremely energetic kids, my pen-journaling has almost died. At the same time, however, I wanted so badly to remember these precious moments with them; really remember the story behind the picture. I like the ability Day One has given me, to jot down little snippets of my day; a picture here with a note, sharing an amazing feeling or perk to my day, up to an entire entry at the end of the day. Some days I find myself having recorded 6 entries a day! It’s nice to record the moments that matter most right away, without the time and memory needed at the end of the day to get it all out on paper. Thank you!” — Robyn B., Orangevale, California, US

“I use Day One every day to journal just about everything that happens in a given week. My travel, vacations, work life, tech joys, and projects. When I travel, I work completely within my iPhone. When I return home, I import photos from my photo streams into iPhoto and tag selected items with “DayOne”. These are then journaled using the OSX DayOne app. Since Day One is smart enough to use the information from within my photos, I have little to do except describe the situation. This workflow between iOS and OSX works perfectly for me.” — Ken L., Hilliard, Ohio, US

“For the least year and a half, I have used Day One to keep track of my most important thoughts. Whether they were brief 2-3 sentence thoughts stored in the form of private tweets, work log entires tracking things I did throughout the day at work, photos of extra special dates with my significant other, or long-form entries consisting of more than a 1000 words contemplating the meaning of life — Day One has been the only app I find myself coming back to every time.” — Mark V., Santa Barbara, California, US

“I use Day One for so many things. I’ve converted journals that I’ve kept for 20 years across different formats, both digital and handwritten, to it–and have added weather information to each using Day One’s historical weather data. I use it to make note of special milestones, events, or humorous stories about my children. I make note of health issues or concerns that I’d like to track. I use it as a tool to impart my overly-wordy thoughts on things that no one in their right mind would be interested in listening to.” — Kenneth P., Pineville, Louisiana, US

“I use day one everyday. I am an exchange student in France for a year and I like to keep track of everything I did, the weather, and a picture for everyday. Sometimes I share my entries with my class back in the USA so they can see what I’m doing over here. I love being able to use the calendar so I can see what I did on a certain day. Day one is the perfect app for me and I plan on using it for the rest of my stay here and longer! I hope to use it for my college experience and maybe one day use it to track my kids progress and show it to them when they are older!” — Hayden R., Plattsburgh, New York, US

“I use Day One almost everyday to write down my thoughts, my daily experiences and also my dreams (tagged with #dreams) so I can easy find them; often they’re very funny and when I read them months later I laugh a lot). I love Day One because it allows me to relive moments I could have forget, important but little ones I have now written in black on white. Like Wordsworth said when we relive a moment it’s a more intense experience then the moment because on the first time you just live that moment, without thoughts. When you relive it you can think about it and with the imagination you can amplify it. Day One allows me to do this and for this I’m deeply grateful.” — Andrea P., Milan, Italy

“My husband gave Day One app on the New Year. He said, ‘I found a wonderful app for you. You can make your dream to write a book come true. It has everything that will help you write immediately or later, and then structure your writing.’ There are not so many people who know what they live for. I believe that the Day One is a best app to structure your life, to analyze your mistakes and problems. It is also a great thing to memorize your trips. I’ve always wanted to write a book about myself, my family and my life. I’m an absolutely ordinary citizen of our planet, and I’m not different from other people. But I love to think. I think about human relationships, what is good and what is bad in our world, the true feelings and values.” — Irene P., Penza, Russia

“Day One made me love writing again. I used to write by hand a lot when I was younger, but then it trickled off as I grew and demands on my time got more varied. I didn’t write anymore. After discovering Day One, I now write every single day. Just a little–it’s all I need. I can’t believe how much text one can write with just a few thoughts a day. It’s a tremendous record of my days that even surpasses what I used to do. Day One enabled me to love writing again, and has given me the gift of my own history—one that is mine and not to share, so it feels more real. Thanks to everyone at Bloom.” — Martin E., Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

“I started using Day One as a cancer survivor who also lives with a TBI (traumatic brain injury). One of the pitfalls of TBI is memory loss. I’m in my 40’s but some days my brain thinks it has Alzheimer’s. I deal with the loss of memories on a daily basis and it is incredibly frustrating. I don’t remember a family vacation from ten years ago. I don’t remember the first romantic weekend when I surprised my partner and went away to a lakeside villa. I don’t remember an activity just a few months ago that I did with my wonderful 7-year old niece. Enter Day One. Now I can “remember” cherished activities, events, and those little moments in time that we too often take for granted. I can tell you that a collision at home plate whilst playing softball forever changing those moments for me. I am so thankful that I have Day One, as I scroll back thru and refresh my memories. There are times that reading about an event in Day One will ‘trigger’ those memories so that I get flashes of events that might otherwise be lost in the grey matter. Thanks again for giving me a simple and elegant way to relive those days and events that otherwise would just be gone. It is truly a joy to look thru Day One.” — Cindy C., Bartlett, Tennessee, US

The Winners

Last, but not least, here is a list of all the lucky winners:


  • Andrea P., Milan, Italy
  • Andrew W., Droxford, England
  • Ann T., Danville, Virginia, US
  • Chris R., Bountiful, Utah, US
  • Cindy C., Bartlett, Tennessee, US
  • Daniel H., Italy
  • David P. (waiting for response)
  • Hayden R., Plattsburgh, New York, US
  • Ila W. (waiting for response)
  • Irene P., Penza, Russia
  • Ken L., Hilliard, Ohio, US
  • Kenneth P., Pineville, Louisiana, US
  • Mark V., Santa Barbara, California, US
  • Martin E., Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
  • Reinhard L., Schwaig, Germany
  • Robyn B., Orangevale, California, US
  • Torsten H., Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany
  • Volker O., Halle, Germany

Here’s an infographic demonstrating the relative popularity of blue vs. gray t-shirts:

A common question was whether we would offer Day One t-shirts for sale. Yes, we are planning to do that in the next few months. Stay tuned!


  • Alan G., Houghton-le-Spring, England
  • Amanda D. (waiting for response)
  • André M., Joinville, Brazil
  • Benjamin B. Easthampton, New Jersey, US
  • Brian M. (waiting for response)
  • Cesar B., Mandaue City, Philippines
  • Daniel A., Johns Creek, Georgia, US
  • Devin N., Lehi, Utah, US
  • Dylan D. (waiting for response)
  • Garrett E., Lancaster, Pennsylvania, US
  • Gerardo R. (waiting for response)
  • Heonjong L., Ulsan, South Korea
  • James B., San Diego, California, US
  • James S. (waiting for response)
  • Jennifer H., Perry, Utah, US
  • Jim K., Canoga Park, California, US
  • Jiří Z., Teplice, Czech Republic
  • John O., Green Bay, Wisconsin, US
  • John T. Clayton, Missouri, US
  • Karol D., Miami, Florida, US
  • LaTia B., Elmhurst, Illinois, US
  • Lawrence, R., Seaton, Australia
  • Linda M., Manorville, New York, US
  • Loti B. (waiting for response)
  • Mathieu B., Toulouse, France
  • Matt D., Irvine, California, US
  • Merlin N., Cedex, France
  • Michael L. (waiting for response)
  • Michael N. (waiting for response)
  • Mirek R., Dee Why, Australia
  • Niels K., Nes Ziona, Israel
  • Pedro I., Lima, Peru
  • Sam C., Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, US
  • Sam R., Burgess Hill, England
  • Scott K., Des Moines, Iowa, US
  • Tarik A., Sudbury, Massachusetts, US
  • Te R. (waiting for response)
  • Teddy M., Warner Robins, Georgia, US
  • Will W., Damascus, Oregon, US

Thanks for the overwhelming response and support you give Day One.

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