Day One Update with Photos

Day One released major updates today for the journaling software applications on Mac and the iPhone / iPad universal application.

Day One Mac 1.7 Day One iOS (iPhone and iPad)


Day One Mac, iPhone and iPad apps now fully support adding a photo to an entry. On the iOS platform we have integrated with the Camera+ app for editing, cropping and styling the entry photos. Which can be applied when creating a photo entry, or after an image is added for editing.

Photos with Date and Location data

Adding a photo will prompt the user to set the Entry date to the date and time of that photo. It will also update the Entry location with the GPS data included in the photo. It will also update the weather in the entry from that location (if it’s within the past 3 days, our current historical weather data limit provided by HAM Weather).

Location and Weather

Day One on iPhone and iPad now automatically add location, weather and temperature data to new entries. Location can also be edited via an interactive map or search feature.

Foursquare integration allows locations to be set as “Places” defined in the Foursquare database. Entries with Foursquare Places can also be used to “check-in” to Foursquare directly within the Day One app (Foursquare authentication required for check-in).

Syncing has been completely rewritten for vast improvements in speed and reliability


Both updates (Mac and iOS) takes full advantage of the latest Dropbox API features.

We’ve rewritten our Dropbox sync from the ground up to take advantage of these new features and we’re really excited about the result. By migrating all of our users from full dropbox access to app folder access for better security and to be able to use the /delta call efficiently to reduce network traffic and to provide faster sync updates to our users.


iCloud is faster and more stable than ever before. Syncing happens immediately and in the background.

Mountain Lion

We’ve added Notification Center as an additional option for the Day One Reminders, which now include the motivational quotes.

The 10.8 system Share panel adds Twitter, Email, Messages, Flickr, Facebook (this Fall) and many more that are activated through the Mac System Settings.

I’m also excited to take advantage to the new Avenir font, now included in Mountain Lion, which is set as the default font for new installs on 10.8. In addition, we’ve added several more font styles to the Day One Preferences.

Day One Mac is now fully compliant with the new Mac App Store “Sandbox” requirements, which make the app secure to Apple’s standards.

Full Screen mode has been improved to show a custom background as a nice distraction-free writing and reading environment.

About Day One

Day One is a high-rated journaling application on the Mac, iPhone and iPad. Day One makes your personal data available on all devices, backed up and secure via fast syncing with iCloud and Dropbox .

Day One is focused on helping users remember, record and track their lives in a a simple way that will provide a valuable resource in the future.

For a complete list of Release Notes see: Mac Release Notes and iPhone / iPad Release Notes

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