Day One version 3 for macOS

Day One Mac has been redesigned to feel more at home on macOS. With a great improvement in performance and long term maintainability.

Toolbar – Journal pane toggle, Timeline filter, Journal picker, Search, Timeline view tab bar, and New entry button. All now cleaned up and available from the Main app toolbar.

Timeline Cells – Entry list now displays a single photo from the entry with overlay information for included media, photos, and audio.

Entry View – Top bar includes date, with contextual, pop-out and dismiss buttons. Footer bar includes Journal, tags, location, weather and new Text Edit menu and Entry Content menu.

Pane management – Entry pane is no longer collapsable, Journal Drawer is toggle-able and auto collapses at small sizes.

Menu bar entry – Simpler design, with a pop-out button to open entry in a single-entry window.

Journal info Page – Close an entry to see the selected journal information and stats.

Pop out entry – Double-click a Timeline entry, or click on the new popout button (top-right entry window) to keep as many single entries open outside of the main window.

Contextual menus – cleaned up and simplified.

Day One macOS

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