Introducing Journal Templates for Day One Android

Add structure and organization to your journal entries so you can focus more on writing and less on formatting.

If you’re someone who loves journaling, you know how important it is to have a structure to your journal entries. You want to capture all the important details of your day, but you also want your entries to be meaningful and informative.

Journal templates are a useful tool for anyone who wants to get the most out of their journaling experience. Templates can provide structure and organization to your journal entries, allowing you to focus more on the content and less on the formatting. By using templates, you can also create consistency in your journaling practice, making it easier to track your progress and reflect on your experiences over time. Once you create the journal template, you can use it over and over again, saving you time and energy when it comes to journaling.

Today we’re excited to announce that journal templates are now available in the Day One App for Android! Simply update to the latest version to start using journal templates.

Getting Started with Journal Templates in the Day One App for Android

The Day One app includes a gallery of journal templates you can use and edit with your own custom text.

To get started with journal templates in Day One, navigate to Day One > Settings. Tap the Templates icon.

Next, you’ll see the journal templates Gallery, with a gallery of pre-built journal templates you can use.

From the template gallery, tap any template in the gallery to preview or customize it with your own text.

Using Journal Templates

To use a template in a journal entry, tap the Template option in the Attachments menu.

Simply select an available template from the list.

Then you can start filling in the contents of the template for your entry, including adding tags.

Creating Custom Journal Templates

You can also create your own custom journal templates. Simply tap the New Template button to create a new template.

From the next screen, you can add sections, text, or lists to make your custom journal template.

the journal template editor in the Android version of Day One

So if you’re looking for a way to take your journaling to the next level, we hope you’ll give journal templates a try! From the library of pre-built templates to the ability to make your own repeatable journal entries through templates, we hope the addition of templates will help you take your journaling practice even more efficient and rewarding.

Note: While some features available on the iOS version are missing on the Android version of templates, such as the ability to reorder templates, add media options, reminders, or assigning templates to specific journals, we decided to prioritize the most frequently-used features to get the templates out there as soon as possible.

ICYMI: More Improvements to Day One for Android

In case you missed it, several improvements and feature additions have been added to Day One for Android. We started out 2022 without the ability to edit entries on different platforms due to the editor experience, and the technology behind it, being so different from the iOS version. The only type of entry media supported were images—no audio or video support. Day One for Android was also only available in English and it was significantly less secure because it also did not support End-To-End Encryption. We’ve been hard at work to address these issues with more improvements and additions, including:

End-to-End Encryption

Early last year, we rolled out full support for end-to-end encryption in Day One for Android. While the feature is not enabled by default due to the way Android handles backing up the encryption master key, we’re proud to offer an end-to-end encryption option that you can easily enable on your journals that’s fully supported across all platforms.

A New Entry Editor + Media Type Support

The Day One for Android editor has been revamped and rewritten and now fully supports cross-platform entry editing. We also now fully support all major media types, including audio, video, and PDF. The new Editor greatly improves journal entry creation experience on Android, and gives you a unified editor experience across all Day One apps.

Instagram Importer

You can now connect your Instagram account to Day One and have Instagram posts automatically added to your journal. Go to Day One Settings > Instagram to get started.

Improved Importer and Exporter Tools + Parallel Media Downloading

Now that we support a larger range of media types in Day One for Android, we needed to fix and optimize the importer and exporter tools to properly backup and restore journal entries with these new media types. We added checks to make sure all media was downloaded before exporting or signing out of the app and, if it wasn’t, we added a prompt to give you the option to download all media first. To make this process snappy, we rewrote the media downloader to support parallel downloads.

Basic Cloud Storage

Day One users on our free “Basic” tier didn’t have an automatic backup solution for their journal entries. We restructured and optimized our Day One Sync component to allow non-premium users to back up their data to our Day One servers. This was a new feature across all of Day One and included new screens and backend logic. 

More Language Translations

Day One for Android is now translated into sixteen major languages.

Coming Soon: SMS to Entry

We’re in the process of several major projects to continue to improve Day One for Android, so look for the addition for SMS to Entry in the coming months!

Download Day One for Android

The Day One journaling app makes it easy to build and maintain a meaningful journaling habit. Try using the Day One journal templates feature to streamline your journaling process and make it even easier to record your thoughts, experiences, and reflections. Download Day One now and discover how the power of journaling can enhance your life.

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