Introducing Search and Tags on iPhone and iPad

Day One 1.9 is now available for download on the iPhone and iPad App Stores.

The new features in 1.9 are Search and Tags, two items that have been a long time coming. It wasn’t due to lack of users requesting these items, we’ve got a fair share of those, rather we felt that improving the core functionality of sync, stability and ease of input needed to be better established first.

We worked hard to make entering tags an elegant task with autocompletion using Hashtags or quickly pulling down to type a tag into the top entry area, also accessible via the tags button int he Edit Bar. You can even add tags from the Timeline view by swiping an entry and tapping the Tags icon.

Search is fast and really intuitive. Finally we can tell our friends the last time we had lunch together or exactly when we took that vacation. This update really does tie the core concept of Day One Mobile together.

For the geeks out there like us, we are happy to add Footnotes support for MultiMarkdown. See a full list of features added in this update in the iOS Release Notes.

Start tagging away!

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Journal from here there and everywhere mobile devices image.Journal from here there and everywhere mobile devices image.